Is it safe to travel to Hungary? Latest UK travel advice explained after Russia launches invasion of Ukraine

As war breaks out on the borders of the European Union, neighboring countries in the conflict zone are preparing for the aftermath.

Ukraine’s neighboring countries, including Hungary, have made it clear that they will not be drawn into a military conflict with Russia.

However, Hungary will certainly experience ripple effects, including an expected influx of 600,000 refugees.

Here’s everything you need to know about traveling to Hungary during the Russian war against Ukraine.

Does Hungary share a border with Ukraine?

Yes. The two countries share an 85-mile border. The countries are connected by five road border checkpoints and a passenger rail line.

NATO has sent troops to reinforce its eastern flank near Ukraine, including along Hungary’s 85-mile border with the country.

What does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs say about traveling to Hungary?

The Foreign and Commonwealth (FCDO) has not put in place any warning against visiting Hungary.

However, an update on the FCDO website posted on the morning of Thursday February 24 said people “should not attempt to cross into Ukraine from Hungary” due to “multiple reports of widespread military activity in Ukraine”.

Do flights from the UK to Hungary cross Russian, Belarusian or Ukrainian airspace?

On Friday February 25, Russia instituted a ban on British airlines entering Russian airspace.

But flight paths from the UK to Hungary never needed to cross Russian, Belarusian or Ukrainian airspace. All scheduled flights to the country continue as normal.

Even before the recent escalation of tensions and the Russian invasion, most airlines had taken steps to avoid flying over Ukraine. In response to the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 by pro-Russian separatists in 2014, airlines began to hijack across the country.

Safer Russia–Ukraine War

Will refugees arrive in Hungary?

Yes. Hungary has issued a regulation allowing the entry of anyone from Ukraine, with the Hungarian Defense Forces expecting up to 600,000 refugees, Hungary today reports.

Hundreds of refugees began arriving at the border, many traveling on foot.

Unicef ​​says up to 5 million people could flee Ukraine and is boosting its capacity to help those fleeing war in Moldova, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said police and military would be deployed to the border to help manage the humanitarian situation.

After a meeting of the national security cabinet on Thursday, he said: “Following today’s military attack, unfortunately, we can expect an increase in the number of Ukrainian citizens arriving in Hungary who will probably ask for the asylum.

“We are ready to take care of them and we will be able to meet the challenge quickly and efficiently.

I has compiled a list of ways you can help the people of Ukraine, including donating to the British Red Cross crisis appeal in Ukraine.

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