Is the magnificent home of The Adam Project real and where was it filmed?

It could be argued that Shawn Levy is somewhat of a family filmmaker.

Over the years, the director has directed a host of attractions for the whole family, including real steel, Night at the museum, Cheaper by the dozenand more recently free guy.

Now, he’s collaborated with Ryan Reynolds again on another comedic adventure, The Adam Project. It follows a fighter pilot from the future who crash-lands in the past and enlists the help of his younger self to save the world.

It’s generated a lot of talk since its premiere on Netflix, but interestingly, Project Adam’s amazing home has been brought to life.


Is the house in The Adam Project real?

The interior of the house in The Adam Project was not an existing property and was actually created on a set. Although, the outside was captured in the Lynn Valley neighborhood in North Vancouver.

As for the interior, on the other hand, it was done by the film’s production designer, Claude Paré, who worked with other talented people to create the house on a sound stage located in Vancouver. Remarkably, it only took them two months to carry out the ambitious project.

So, unfortunately, you can’t go there and move in – shit.

However, Claude shared some insight into how the open plan home was created and how they managed to make it look lived in even though it wasn’t a real home.

“We added a lot of real and human elements”

Talk with NetflixClaude explained how the details of the house helped convey meaning to the audience:

“We added real-life touches, like the laundry basket, children’s toys, schoolwork and grocery bags. The idea was to make it look like the mother wasn’t quite done on top to keep the house together because of her busy life and because she’s been a single mom for a year or two.

He added, “We added a lot of real and human elements. As for [Louis], we had his reading corner, and we shopped a lot on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. For the living room, we went to Pottery Barn, and we recovered superb second-hand furniture that we found to compose the real dressing room of the house.

The team strove to make the mid-century film property feel warm, which was aided by the addition of lots of wood grain and decor.

The Adam Project | official trailer

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The Adam Project | official trailer





The public is in love with the house

It didn’t take long for so many fans of the film to jump on Twitter in reaction to the cozy house.

The fact that it’s not real is sure to break some hearts!

Check out a selection of tweets:

The Adam Project is now streaming on Netflix.

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