Joshua Beck needs your help… please!

About Josh, oh my god, where do I start? Bright is an understatement. Funny, quick-witted. Caring for others, generous to the point of fault. Josh is a son, brother, uncle, husband, nephew, cousin, confidant and true friend to many of us. He is a professor at the University of Oregon and received his Ph.D. from the University of Washington. He is 37 years old. To know Josh Beck is to know a true friend. He has the ability to befriend a stranger and is probably the best friend the guy has ever made. He is genuinely genuine, warm and extremely intelligent. Josh makes this world a better place. He has an infectious smile and you can always hear the positive, upbeat tone in his voice that makes you smile. He truly wants and sees the best in and for others and their success.

Hello, my name is Kimberli (Beck) Grogan. I am Josh Beck’s mother. We are not very good at asking others for help, especially financially, but the airfare and medical road to recovery has been and will be exorbitant, far beyond what insurance will cover.

On Dec. 1, 2022, after a FaceTime call, helping his niece with homework, and chatting with her sister, Morgan, about life, dreams, and Christmas (Josh’s favorite holiday), Josh and Aaron had dinner. After a few bites of spicy chicken, Josh inhaled and began to choke, Aaron sprang into action. tried to dislodge the food and called 911. Josh lost consciousness and Aaron started CPR. EMS arrived home within minutes and continued CPR. They dislodged the food. Josh’s heart stopped twice. His amazing body and medical team brought him back. He was transported to Springfield, OR Medical Center where he is making small progress each day. Josh is still in a coma with a list of medications on board, but he’s slowly showing signs of waking up and his responses are getting stronger. He is healthy and young, which is both on his side for recovery.

Josh and the rest of the family are not good at asking for help. We are usually the ones who step in to help others.

But, we need your help now. We found an amazing facility for Josh in San Diego. We want to get him to the place that gives him the best chance for a full recovery. We want treatment options for him. We want to try everything. He deserves it.

We’re taking Josh to San Diego this week. Josh’s specialist care will be at the family’s expense as well as all of his transportation. We are told it could number in the hundreds of thousands. We can handle some of this on our own, but not to the levels they talk about, so we respectfully ask for any help you can provide.

Please consider helping Josh. He needs all of us now. He needs us to believe in his recovery and he needs every chance to live his best life.

We are asking you today to donate to the best cause for this Christmas season. For a great guy who deserves it. Joshua Beck.

On behalf of Josh and all of us, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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