Pickling Worms, Bed Bugs and More: The Grossest Stories of 2022

The year 2022 has been eventful, full of all sorts of important events and news, and some of the grosser stories have been some of the most memorable.

To say 2022 has been a weird year would be an understatement. If some have put the pandemic in the background, it is still very real for others. Either way, 2022 has been a hectic and sometimes surprisingly rough year.

From rats to bed bugs to worms in pickles, these are some of the grossest stories of 2022.

A man finds a worm in a pickle and receives two coupons for his troubles

We put this story at the top because it was to be the most heartbreaking story of the year.

We received an email from a pickle lover who made a terrifying discovery as he sat down for a tasty snack.

Travis Taylor was a pickle aficionado, and he was able to avert culinary disaster by the fact that before he ate his pickles, he cut them in half. Unfortunately, we got to see what his dissected pickle had in store for the rest of us.


Taylor bought baby dill pickles from Bick and enjoyed snacking on them with cheese.

“So luckily I sliced ​​them and found it like this,” he said.

He first thought it was just garlic, but clearly it wasn’t all garlic.

“You can see the worm was eating it away before it died during the stripping process,” Taylor said.

After telling Smucker Co. about the pickle he was in, the company offered him two coupons to get more pickles for free.

One thing is certain: pickles would never be the same again.

“I will never be able to eat a whole pickle again; it will have to be decided.

Canadian Traveler Tells Airbnb Horror Story

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Bed bugs make this travel story an easy choice for one of the grosser stories of 2022.

A Canadian couple traveling with a toddler traveled to San Diego for a wedding. And when they returned home to Vancouver, they came back with more than memories.

It all started well, according to Eugene Kaplan, but “it turned into a dreadful, horrifying experience.”

Two days into their Airbnb stay, the bed bug nightmare began. Kaplan said his wife woke up with “about 30 marks all over her arms.”

He had a cluster around his ankle. The Airbnb host denied it was bed bugs, even though he had proof. Instead, the host claimed it was an allergic reaction to the sheets and even came to change them for the guests.

Based on all the evidence, the host seemed sincere in stating that he had no idea what was going on and that it was just an unfortunate and traumatic circumstance for Kaplan’s family without malicious intent.

Bedbugs stink of Metro Vancouver

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Lisa Carter/Shutterstock

Although this story focuses on the Metro Vancouver area, bedbugs have been known to roam many places across Canada. They thrive in warmer temperatures, and much of British Columbia experienced an unusually warm fall.

This has led many to suggest that there was an outbreak of bedbugs in October, one of the hottest Octobers on record in British Columbia.

Bedbugs are so named because of their foul smell, and you don’t want to kill them if you come across one of these creatures.

A large rat was handled with tongs in the UBC cafeteria (VIDEO)

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This is probably the grossest story of 2022 for many, especially UBC students.

Imagine you are in your school cafeteria, having a meal that you have just received from a buffet-style restaurant. Then you look up and see the chef or waiter using tongs to get rid of a huge crawling rat.


That was basically the exact scenario that unfolded in January of this year.

Someone took the video on a cellphone, showing a rat trying to climb into one of the eating areas before the employee behind the bar used tongs to get rid of it.

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