Judge breaks competitor’s guitar on X-Factor Ukraine

An old video from April 2021 reappeared on the internet this week and is going viral again.

In the clip, a judge on the Ukrainian version of UK show The X Factor breaks a contestant’s guitar, and it’s as shocking as it sounds.

Who is the judge? And why did he do it? Let’s explore the video.

Judge crushes competitor’s guitar on X-Factor Ukraine

X-Factor Ukraine judge breaks competitor’s guitar

The X Factor had many shocking moments, but this one just might surpass them all.

In April 2021, Ukrainian X-Factor judge Dmitry Shurov was criticized on social media after breaking a competitor’s guitar.

The clip, which suddenly goes viral on the internet again this month, shows the judge getting up from his seat and taking the stage while the candidate sings.

Then he snatches the guitar from his hands and smashes it violently on the floor just because he didn’t like his hearing.

“Did you remove it from your system?” The other judges ask him to answer “yes, I am beyond calm, I am perfectly calm” before saying that the day has been a huge disappointment.

According to social media users, the guitar was actually given to him by his late father, which makes Dmytro’s impulsive actions even more heartbreaking.

Meet Dmitry Shurov

Dmitry Shurov is a Ukrainian pianist, composer, singer and songwriter.

The 40-year-old, based in Kiev, was a judge on the Ukrainian X factor for season 8 and season 9.

He has been a pianist in three different groups: Okean Elzy, Esthetic Education and Zemfira.

The musician studied in Limoges, France, and Utah, United States, before attending Kyiv National Linguistic University in Ukraine.

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What happened after?

After breaking the guitar of an X-Factor Ukraine Season 9 contestant, many asked the series to fire Dmitry.

However, as of this writing, no disciplinary action appears to have been taken as a result of his actions.

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