Kevin Hart Goes From Bumbling Idiot To Feared Assassin In First The Man From Toronto Trailer

Kevin Hart pretend until he succeeds The man from Toronto.

EW has your first exclusive look at Netflix’s new action-comedy that stars Hart as a screwed-up sales consultant who doesn’t seem to be doing anything right. When his latest mistake – showing up at the wrong Airbnb – results in mistaken identity with the world’s deadliest killer (Woody Harrelson), known only as “the man from Toronto”, he is forced to impersonate the hitman…the only problem is that he can’t stand violence.

“It’s an action-thriller, high-stakes, but unfortunately Homeland Security security is in the hands of one bumbling idiot, and that’s Kevin Hart,” said director Patrick Hughes (The Hitman’s Bodyguard franchise, The Expendables 3) tells EW. “His character is someone who just walked into the wrong movie, and I had so much fun exploring that with Kevin. He’s pretending to be this ‘Toronto man’ but he doesn’t like blood and doesn’t like violence; he doesn’t like anything to do with this world. He’s just an idiot who works in a boxing gym – or in fact, he doesn’t even have a job anymore because he’s got fired.

The man from Toronto


As the film opens with Hart and Harrelson playing enemies, Hughes teases that their dynamic soon turns into something very different. “I’m a big fan of buddy comedies, and I love that at the end of the day, it’s still like a love story between two people who are worlds apart,” he says. “Kevin Hart’s character is like a wet noodle who needs to find the strength to stand up in the world because it’s stepping on him. On the other hand, the ‘Man from Toronto’ is someone who needs to get in touch with their emotions a bit more instead of just killing everyone. Watching them learn from each other is really fun.

Hughes also loved directing a movie rated PG-13 rather than R like his previous movies. “I loved making a movie that my kids are allowed to watch,” he says. “I’ve never really done this before, so it was something that excited me to come out of the previous franchise where every other word was an F-bomb and there was blood and guts everywhere. .”

The man from Toronto premieres June 24 on Netflix. Check out the first exclusive trailer above now.

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