Lanesboro town leaders push for more winter tourism

LANESBORO, Minn. (KTTC) – Travel & Leisure travel publication recently released a list of the 20 most beautiful winter towns and Lanesboro is ranked at number 18.

People may think of Lanesboro as a summer destination, but city leaders strive to bring travelers year-round.

“What we’re trying to do now is expand our season which is focused on the summer and move into the winter to make it a four season town,” said Lanesboro’s economic development chair, Phil Dybing.

About 12,000 people travel to Lanesboro each year, staying in Airbnbs or local hostels.

“I would say most of them are from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, but they come from all over,” Stone Mill Suites co-owner Rick Lamon said.

Lanesboro is known for its scenic views and thriving arts and theater community.

“We have a gallery, but we also have a theatre. We do public arts downtown. We also have education programs for young people,” said Lanesboro Arts Executive Director Cara Maloney.

Many local artists base their work on the nature around them.

“We have over 90 artists from the area, so from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, and we really want to see that connection to our local venue. So you’ll really see that in their work and the variety we have here,” Maloney said.

Recently, the town received a $50,000 Blandin Foundation grant to help improve year-round tourism by creating more activities.

“It will just be better for all businesses and residents if we can have more people throughout the seasons,” Dybing said.

Community members say the arts and other businesses may attract people, but they stay for the views.

” The landscape. People come for the scenery. We have the river. We have the cliffs and there are also hiking trails,” said Sheryl Lamon, co-owner of Stone Mill Suites.

“We all need a break from time to time. Because it’s good to just breathe, relax and enjoy the beauty of the area,” said Dybing.

City leaders also say there has also been an increase in the number of people looking to move to Lanesboro. There has been a push to bring new developments to town for these folks.

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