Look for a professional hotel pillow tester – and you’ll be paid £100 a night

The role will offer one lucky candidate £100 a night to visit up to 52 different hotels across the UK and review their pillows

Nearly a third of vacationers resort to bringing their own pillow from home to hotels in a bid to sleep better

Want to get paid for your dream job? Well, now is your chance.

Hotel booking platform hoo is looking for a ‘Chief Pillow Officer’ to test pillows on 52 two-night stays at a variety of UK hotels.

In the newly created role, the Professional Pillow Tester will help inform customers’ decision-making – while dozing on the job.

The successful candidate will receive £100 for each stopover, in exchange for feedback on the size and firmness of hotel pillows.

They will also be asked to give hotels – including Luton Hoo, The Chester Grosvenor & Spa, The Chesterfield Mayfair and Carnoustie Golf Hotel & Spa – a rating based on pillows alone.

You could be paid £100 a night to examine pillows in UK hotels



It comes after research found that 75% of travelers said poor sleep can ruin their vacation.

Only 12% say they sleep well in hotel beds because of the pillows – 59% admitting they get a better night’s sleep at home.

And 29% even used their own pillows while vacationing with them.

It also emerged that half (51%) of the 2,000 adults surveyed would consider booking a different hotel if they read a negative review about how badly someone slept at a hotel.

And nearly a third (31%) have even asked a hotel concierge to change their pillows because they weren’t to their liking.

Sleep is so important to traveling travelers that 40% would even leave one hotel and look for another if sleeping conditions weren’t up to par.

The ideal length of sleep on holiday is eight hours, according to 42% of people surveyed via OnePoll – while 49% cited two pillows as their ideal number for sleeping.

Poor quality pillows also beat other vacationer complaints such as overuse of hotel buffet, thick blankets, early sunrise and inability to disconnect from work – 23% blaming pillows unsuitable for having a bad night’s sleep on vacation.

Hoo, which allows travelers to bid online for a better deal on hotel rooms, came up with the opportunity after two turbulent years in which many trips were canceled, in a bid to help them have a good night’s sleep when they go away.

Co-founder Adrian Murdock said, “We want to give guests a more informed choice when it comes to choosing their stay.

“This role is the real deal, and the winning candidate will be part of hoo’s customer experience team, where their vital on-site dispatches will inform our customers’ decision-making when it comes to booking their own vacations. .

“We really want to understand what guests experience at some of Britain’s best hotels – and what better way to do that than to hit the road and provide insider information on which hotels will give you the best night’s sleep. sleep.”

Applicants must submit a 150-word review of their own pillows by April 29 on Ho’s website or on LinkedIn.

The role is part of hoo’s customer experience team




In this newly created role, the successful candidate will benefit from 52 two-night stays at a variety of UK hotels, in exchange for a product review of the hotel’s pillows at each location.

You will write clear and informative texts, bringing verve and vigor to the description of the quality and properties of the hotel’s pillows.

You will bring the experience of sleeping on the pillows to life for the reader; commenting on the firmness and if the size of the pillow was right for you.

While we’re looking for a personal opinion on pillows, we’re looking for you to be able to separate the star rating of the hotel you’re staying at from the star rating you would give the pillow.

The role of Pillow Manager will be part of the Customer Experience team at hoo, where your vital on-site dispatches will inform our customers’ decision-making, when it comes to booking their own vacation.

Why do we need this role now? After two turbulent years in which many would-be vacationers had their trips cancelled, hoo wants to ensure that all staycations in 2022 exceed expectations for restful sleep.

Independent research has informed hoo that 75% have trouble sleeping in hotels because of pillows, and 29% have to bring their own pillow from home. We want to give guests a more informed choice when it comes to choosing their stay.


  • You will be able to write 150 word pillow reviews.
  • You are adventurous and eager to try different types of hotels in the UK.
  • You understand the importance of a good night’s sleep.


  • Free accommodation (+ breakfast if included in hotel offer) for two nights at up to 52 hotels in the UK.
  • £100 per day for each stay.


  • To be considered for this role, please submit a 150-word review of your own pillows to [email protected].
  • The closing date is April 29, but if the right candidate is found before the deadline, the position will be closed.

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