Lufkin ISD Recognizes Students for Excellent AP Exam Scores

Lufkin ISD has released the names of students who have done outstanding work in recent Advanced Placement (AP) exams.

During the 2021-2022 school year, 457 AP exams were administered to 253 Lufkin ISD students. Lufkin High School offers 21 different AP courses ranging from subjects such as computer science to art. AP exams are scored on a 5-point scale, with most colleges accepting a score of 3 or higher as acceptable college credit. Fifty-four percent of students who took the exams scored a 3 or better. Along with the AP exam, comes some distinctive honors.

  • AP Scholar with Distinction: An AP Scholar with Distinction is a student with an average score of 4.13 (at least an average score of 3.50 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or more on five or more AP exams) . Lufkin High School had thirteen students who earned AP Scholar with Distinction.
  • AP Scholar with Honor: An AP Scholar with Honor is a student who averages a 3.51 (at least an average score of 3.25 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on four or more AP exams) . Lufkin High School had fifteen AP Honors Scholars.
  • AP Scholar: An AP Scholar is a student who averages 2.94 (3 or more on three or more AP exams). Lufkin High School had 35 AP scholarship students.

PA with Distinction

  • Beef; Braxton E.
  • Raven; Reagan L.
  • Garcia; Selene
  • Karnati; Sree Nidhi R.
  • Mathis; Douglas P.
  • McCollum; Madeline G.
  • Constituencies; Kylie B.
  • Sabani; Adrian J.
  • Silva; Jacqueline
  • Sohini; Rohan S.
  • Tatum; Elizabeth S.
  • Weiss; Nicholas
  • Willingham; Griffin T.

AP with honor

  • Alexander; Regina m.
  • Ashby; Grant S.
  • Boston; Ian C.
  • Clifton; Rylee P.
  • Elijah; Amaya G.
  • Galvan; Ashley
  • Haney; Alexandra A.
  • kitchens; Alyssa N.
  • Kruse; Halli G.
  • Lawrence; Andrea J.
  • Osorio; Leonard F.
  • Pierce; Alexandra J.
  • spikes; Hanna I.
  • Spore; Maury K.
  • Thompson; Emily J.

PA researchers

  • Adams; Anson E.
  • Barahona; Diego A.
  • Bowl ; Lily V
  • Buchanan; Jeffery L.
  • Burnhauser; Owen N.
  • Butler; Mallory P.
  • Calhoun; Savane F.
  • Camarillo; Rosina
  • Camp; Chloe E.
  • Raven; Caylyn J.
  • Diggens; Chandler D.
  • Fluellen; Malaysia E.
  • Jelinek; Julian E.
  • Knap; Cassidy R.
  • Koruth; Jeslin A.
  • Langston; Lily G.
  • Latham; Makezey G.
  • Lawrence; Callie E.
  • Lawrence; Kendra N.
  • Linen; Anne
  • Murell; Levi A.
  • Perez; carlos
  • Prichard; Michael M.
  • Rao; Pranav
  • Reina; Nicholas A.
  • Saleh; Dan J.
  • Sawyer; Erin S.
  • soul; Olivia K.
  • Sullivan; Avery T.
  • Silk; Brian C.
  • Taylor; Camari D.
  • Thompson; Addison M.
  • Weibe; Jacob M.
  • Wilkerson; Ja Nyla M.
  • Williams; Alexander L.

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