Madeira approves minimum wage of 723 euros

The Madeira Government Council has set the value of the minimum monthly wage in the region at 723 euros, an increase of 41 euros compared to the amount set last year.

The value of the minimum monthly wage in 2021 was 682 euros, which is 31.12 euros more than in 2020.

This was one of the decisions taken during the weekly meeting of the Madeiran executive of the PSD/CDS coalition, led by Social Democrat Miguel Albuquerque, whose regional legislative decree will now be sent and put to the vote of the Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Region.

The deliberation is retroactive to January 2022.

On December 2, 2021, the Council of Ministers approved the increase of the national minimum wage to 705 euros, the regional supplement is therefore 18 euros per month.

During the meeting of the regional government, the composition of the coordination commission responsible for preparing the proposal for the Regional Strategy for the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities 2023-2030 was also defined, under the supervision of the regional secretariat for Social Inclusion and of Citizenship, says a statement with several of the conclusions of the meeting.

The same document specifies that the purpose of this commission is to “define the orientations of social intervention within the framework of the inclusion of disabled people, with a view to ensuring the full exercise of the citizenship rights inherent in every member of a society democracy, promote the autonomy, participation and self-determination of these people.

The Government of Madeira has also approved the proposal which regulates the activities of distribution, sale, application and use of plant protection products for professional use and adjuvants for plant protection products.

It also established the compulsory inspection regime for equipment for the application of phytopharmaceutical products authorized for professional use in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

The executive has also decided to exempt this year the farmers of the island of Porto Santo from paying the tariffs related to the supply of fruit trees processed and multiplied in the micropropagation laboratory or in the nurseries, under the responsibility of the secretary to agriculture and rural development in the region.

Another of the announced deliberations is the modification of the regulation relating to the granting of extraordinary financial support to anona producers for the acquisition of spraying equipment suitable for the application of phytosanitary products already approved for the fight against scale insects. cotton and leaf nutrition.

This measure aims to support “the increase in productivity and quality of production resulting in higher income for the farmer” from this production.

The regional government has also authorized the renewal of the contract for the right to use a pavilion in the Madeira business park for the storage of hospital equipment.

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