“Malaysians are not ready for kindness” Internet user shocked by response for free coffee

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It’s okay to do random acts of kindness to make someone’s day better. Whether it’s offering a kind word or offering people a drink, these seemingly minor acts can make someone’s day brighter.

However, sometimes our goodwill is not mutual and we can be taken advantage of.

Twitter user Fye (@callmefye) shared the various responses he received when he tried to offer a few people in Malaysia a Starbucks drink to celebrate their graduation.

During convocation season, he randomly messaged anyone he follows or his followers who uploaded their graduation photo to social media and offered to get them a Starbucks drink in her name.

He will transfer the funds to them and they won’t even need to meet with him.

He received these responses in return:

  • Person A was surprised by the kind gesture and felt touched. However, the person did not thank him after transferring the money and left him to โ€œreadโ€. For Fye, it’s not a big deal for him.
  • Person B thought he was flirting with them. After receiving the Starbucks treat, the person continued to send squeaky messages despite not being interested in any relationships at all.
  • Person C thanked him for the treat. They’ve already hung out because they knew each other from Instagram.
  • Person D refused directly.
  • Person E asked for more than what was offered, which shocked Fye.

According to Fye, performing a random act of kindness without any strings attached is common in countries overseas.

As proof, he shared the thoughtful note left by his Airbnb host in Paris and the nice couple who sent him for free to the airport in Slovenia.

However, he finds that people in Malaysia are suspicious of good deeds or misinterpret the motive.

To be honest, no one can be faulted for rejecting this offer due to the many scams we hear about every year.

Having said that, that doesn’t mean we have to stop being nice. We must continue to be kind to each other, but also understand when there are people who decline our offer.

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