Texas man sentenced to life for murder of postal worker

What happens in those cases where it takes so long for a criminal to be locked up, especially after committing a heinous crime? Do the authorities want the criminal to serve his sentence before being tried? (Rhetoric) These are the questions that come to mind when I read this case in Houston, Texas.

After eight years, a Texas man was finally sentenced to life in prison after killing an American postman in 2013.

On Monday, James Wayne ham of Houston pleaded guilty to the 2013 murder of an anonymous postman.

From the bee Fresno, the postwoman was on the phone with her son when she was shot four times by Ham.

Court records indicate:

“The son started yelling into the phone while trying to communicate with his mother when he heard an unintelligible man’s voice on the phone,” officials said. “The son then heard his mother say ‘Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me.'”

Records also indicate that a four-door Jeep Cherokee postal vehicle was engulfed in flames where the postman delivered the mail and was riddled with multiple bullet holes.

Apparently Ham assumed the postman was holding his mail and delivering it to his ex-wife instead.

Investigators say he also decided to kill his ex-wife.

Court documents also show that a complaint was made by Ham to the letter carrier’s supervisor about his mail, and it is said that if she didn’t correct the problem, it would “go over his head.”

Weeks later, he allegedly loaded his rifle, took a bottle of lighter fluid and rifle cartridges near the carrier’s route, and after delivering his mail, shot him four times according to the records of the court.

Ham also wrote a statement admitting to authorities what he had done.

My question is, what happened to his wife. Did he kill her?

Well … it doesn’t matter now since he’s going to life in prison.

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