Marshall Fire victims misled by Airbnb listing $10,000 with nowhere to go

LOUISVILLE, Colo. (KDVR) – A family displaced in the Marshall Fire is asking FOX31 Problem Solvers for help, saying they are over $10,000 and the temporary home they rented on Airbnb.

Displaced for at least four months with a damaged house still standing, Daniel Mederios and Kristin White thought luck was on their side.

“We were the luckiest of the unlucky,” Mederios said. “We thought we were going to jump on it and find a place and get to some kind of normality quickly.”

With a blended family of seven, they needed a big house with multiple bathrooms.

“I’m still breastfeeding my 11 month old so we really needed to be somewhere safe and suitable for a family. We really needed stability, a clean place to go.

The couple thought they had found this Airbnb clean and suitable for their large group with a listing for a home that had two and a half bathrooms and four bedrooms.

Footage shared with FOX31 troubleshooters shows the filthy conditions inside that kept White awake through the night, fearing her toddler or baby could choke on the dental floss spikes and pills found on the floor, as well as excess dust and dirt.

“I had the worst reaction because my home is my sanctuary and being uprooted from everything I know and potty training my little babies there, I was immediately so put off by cleanliness. I couldn’t not sit up, I could barely sleep,” White said.

The listing advertised ‘improved cleanliness’ and although it mentioned two and a half bathrooms, the family says there were only two toilets and toilets.

“I was like, where’s our other bathroom? We have seven kids, I would never have picked a listing for less than two and a half bathrooms,” Mederios said.

The family thinks they should be covered by Airbnb’s travel policy. However, they are still $10,000 short and received a notification from a representative that their claim was denied due to evidence presented by the host, despite the videos and claims they sent.

“Disaster victims should be the people who should be really considered, given the benefit of the doubt,” White and Mederios said. “We are not vacationers there for fun. We have nowhere to go.

An Airbnb representative sent the following statement:

“Our Community Support Team is working with the Host and Guest to thoroughly investigate this matter and attempt to resolve the dispute in accordance with our policies”

FOX31 Problem Solvers contacted the host who sent us this statement:

“This case has nothing to do with me. The deal this person had was with Airbnb.

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