Matching casings link Easter Sunday mass shootings and Wilkinsburg triple shot investigations – WPXI

ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. — Two major homicide cases are now linked due to bullet casings found at each scene.

You may remember the dozens and dozens of evidence markers outside the East Allegheny Airbnb after the Easter Sunday mass shooting, where 17-year-old Jaiden Brown and Matthew Steffy-Ross were killed and nine others were shot.

Much of this evidence was bullet casings from hundreds of bullets that were fired that night.

Two days later, and countywide, two people were killed in a triple shooting along Midland Street in Wilkinsburg.

Those victims were teenager Avante Booker and 21-year-old Paris Glover.

Now, weeks later, sources tell Channel 11 exclusively, ballistics results show matching 9mm casings were found at both scenes. These findings indicate that someone fired the same gun in the Airbnb shooting and the Wilkinsburg double homicide.

Former city police officer David Wright told Channel 11 that every box leaves a fingerprint.

“You can take that to the crime lab and identify the ballistic prints and compare them to other ballistic prints on other munitions. Then determine with certainty that they came out of the same gun,” Wright said.

At this point, it is unknown if this weapon fired any fatal shots in either shot.

No one has been charged in either case, but Wright says it could be an important clue for detectives.

“This is very valuable evidence. Saying that this particular firearm was used in this crime ultimately helps in finding the firearm and finding the suspects,” Wright said.

We contacted Allegheny County Police and Pittsburgh Police to see if they would say anything publicly.

Deputy Superintendent Vic Joseph told Channel 11 they do not release investigative information in open and active investigations.

A Pittsburgh police spokesperson said they have no confirmation on this.

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