Meridian prepares for a busy year

January 10 – The city of Meridian prepares for a busy year with Queen City events, conferences, parades and more.

At a Council of Governments meeting on Monday, Lauderdale County Tourism Director Dede Mogollon said 2023 was just beginning and there was already no shortage of events and activities for visitors and the residents.

“We’ll see a lot of busy weekends this year,” she said.

In addition to a wide array of downtown festivals and events, Mogollon said the Queen City is set to host several conferences, including the Knights of Columbus, the American College of Physicians, the Mississippi Municipal League and, for the first time in 16 years, the governor’s conference. on Tourism.

Rep. Charles Young, who represents District 82, which includes Meridian, said he plans to do his part to bring new eyes to the city as well with a Meridian Day.

“Every Wednesday, I will feature national and international personalities recognized by Meridian,” he said.

Visitor numbers to downtown Meridian are on the rise, Young said, and coupled with a full schedule of events and activities, he predicts a good year for the city.

“I think this year is going to be a pretty good year for us here,” he said.

On the city side, Community Development Manager Craig Hitt said new industries and buildings were also being built. Since the current administration took office in September 2021, he said, permits have been issued for 31 new commercial structures and the renovation of two existing commercial structures. The total investment value was over $60 million invested in the Queen City.

On the residential side, Hitt said 18 new homes were built during the same period, worth more than $5 million.

Community Development, along with other city departments, is also involved in the planning and execution of many downtown events, and Hitt echoed Mogollon that the city was gearing up for a busy year.

“Every weekend in 2023 you will have an event to go to,” he said. “Sometimes multiple events.”

In addition to the current lineup of activities, Mogollon said Lauderdale County Tourism is working to market the town to attract even more visitors to town. Their efforts, combined with the new Meridian Main Street Association, will help increase Meridian’s reputation as a destination for arts, culture and education.

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