Minnesota Business For Sale features a massive Ferris wheel

If you are looking to own your own business, this place for sale in Minnesota currently comes with its very own Ferris wheel.

One of Minnesota’s most unique commercial properties is up for sale right now, and if your offer is accepted, it includes its famous Ferris wheel. The place is known as Betty Danger’s Country Club and is located in northeast Minneapolis.

While it was a bar with a slew of adult cocktails and drinks, Betty Danger’s also served food. And there were other outdoor attractions too, like the mini-golf course and this huge Ferris wheel.

The business is now for sale, listed by Results Commercial results/Remax in Minneapolis, and can be yours for just $4.2 million. If you recall, Betty Danger was for sale two years ago, after being forced to close during the pandemic. The owner ended up keeping it but rebranded the business as Betty Danger’s Animal Farm when it reopened in 2021.

According Business resultshere are some of the features included in the list:

Betty Danger’s eclectic features are out of this world, including a bespoke Ferris wheel straight from Europe in 2014, a (mini) golf course winding indoors and outdoors, a huge patio and a Caddyshack .

There is also a single family home included in the main building so if you can live on the property if you wish. You can get more information about the list HERE. Check out the photos below!

Minnesota Business For Sale features a massive Ferris wheel

This business, which is on sale right now here in Minnesota, comes with its very own Ferris wheel.

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