Miss Iowa could make history this week

Even if you don’t like “beauty pageants”, the Miss America pageant will inspire you to support the young lady representing your state.

I’m not trying to play favorite here, but I know I’ll support Miss Iowa. His message this year is one that is close to the hearts of many people.

This week, women across the country are coming together to compete for the title of Miss America. Hawkeye State’s representative is Bailey Hodson. Originally from Iowa and an educator, she is already making big waves during the competition.

BML Public Relations

BML Public Relations

Iowa’s representative is Bailey Hodson, 25, of Berwick. She moved back to Iowa several years ago and was a seventh-grade literacy teacher in the Urbandale Community School District, according to reports.

On the second night of competition, Hodson won the Social Impact Fellowship for advocating for bullying prevention. More specifically, his initiative is “The ABC: The Anti-Bullying Campaign.”

During the preliminary round, Hodson dove more into this project that she took on. It’s personal to her, not just as an educator, but as a former victim of school bullying. She created a successful anti-bullying program in her own classroom.

“Teachers are on the front line to fight bullying,” said the young woman.

A contestant from Iowa has never won the Miss America title in the program’s history. If Hodson ends up winning the crown, she will be the FIRST Iowan to be named Miss America EVER.

The Miss America pageant runs from December 12-15, with the winner being crowned this Thursday. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on the details of Miss Iowa’s performance in the competition.

You can stream the event on PageantsLive.com as well as the Pageants Live app on Roku, Samsung TVs, and Apple TV.

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