New futuristic Taco Bell opens less than an hour from St. Cloud

This Mexican pizza and Baja Blast is going to be even better coming from this new Taco Bell in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

This new Taco Bell location looks more like a bank than the familiar Mexican fast food chain. There are four traffic lanes that use a lift system for food bags.

There are four drive-through lanes. One is in the traditional style, where you order your food on screen and collect it at the window.

The other lanes are reserved for pre-orders via the application, or for delivery drivers. When your food is ready, it descends from two kitchens above your car.

The goal of this new system is to reduce Taco Bell drive-thru trips to two minutes or less for customers.

According to a press release last summer, this new Taco Bell Defy concept is in partnership with a Minneapolis manufacturer, Verticle Works Inc.:

The Defy concept was developed in partnership with Minneapolis-based Vertical Works Inc., a design company that merges manufacturing and construction to design and build state-of-the-art solutions for quick service restaurants, retail, healthcare and beyond.

The new Taco Bell Defy is now open in Brooklyn Park, a 53-minute drive from the St. Cloud area. Am I willing to drive this far to get familiar food? You bet I am. My friends used to drive 45 minutes to the nearest Taco Bell in high school, that ride to the cities will be nothing, and I’ll be rewarded with tacos. Why don’t I make plans to check it out? !

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