New Hallway Business Sets Up Incredible Luxury Picnics [PHOTOS]

If you are looking for a unique evening or a fun way to celebrate a birthday, a luxury picnic might be for you!

Over the weekend, I came across a photo on Instagram that caught my eye. It was a photo of a picnic in a park here in the Corridor, but it wasn’t just a blanket and a basket. This picnic included a large rug, a small wooden table, pillows, crockery and decor. My first thought was, “Wow, these people really gave it their all! But then I found out that it was started by a cool little company called Picnic Boujee.

Picnic Boujee is a new company in Eastern Iowa that creates “luxury picnics.” The Facebook the description reads as follows:

Luxury picnic business serving Cedar Rapids and the Eastern Iowa area. Perfect for a romantic night out, a night out with friends and more. Let’s upgrade your picnic and make it into something magical !”

The business is run by a Cedar Rapids native named Carissa, also known as “the picnic lady”. She wrote on Facebook that she has over five years of event planning experience and loves to create experiences for people.

If you book a Boujee picnic, Carissa says she will do ALL the work. The message says:

I make it easy for you; I assemble and disassemble and create this beautiful atmosphere of a bohemian picnic; all you have to do is introduce yourself. “

All picnics include set up and take down, coffee table, dishes, pillows, table decoration, sign, bluetooth speaker, etc. A picnic for two will set you back $ 100 or $ 125 for three to four people, with additional additions you can include. It seems like birthdays and anniversaries are the most popular occasions that people celebrate with Boujee Picnic. You can get more information about booking your picnic HERE.

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