New Starbucks Drive Thru Coming Soon in West Windsor, NJ

Hey Starbucks fans, I have good news for you. A new drive-thru has opened on Route 1 North in West Windsor.

I drive Route 1 North through West Windsor almost daily to my father’s house. Today, for the first time, I noticed this “Coming Soon” sign. This is the Square at West Windsor shopping center, where Lowe’s and Trader Joes are located.

Wow. I enjoy a Frappuccino every now and then. Curious about where exactly he would be in the mall, I stopped and took a look around. Finally, I noticed that it would be in the back left corner, where Pier One Imports was.

I’m not sure about all the details, but I guess it won’t take up all the space Pier One Imports takes up. Hopefully there will be space inside to meet friends or work.

At a glance, the work was underway. The area next to the building is fenced in so a little hard to tell, but it looked like the workers were starting to create the driveway window.

Another new drive-thru Starbucks has just opened a little further south on Route 1 in the Lawrence Mall and on Sloan Avenue in Hamilton in recent months.

It’s a busy area with lots of commuters heading to Princeton Junction station so I’m sure it’s going to be busy … especially in the morning.

As soon as I know when this new location will open, I will forward the information.

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