New surveillance video shows a hooded man stabbing a sleeping homeless man to death in Fort. Lauderdale – NBC 6 South Florida

New surveillance video obtained by NBC 6 shows the moment a man wearing a hoodie stabs a homeless 57-year-old to death while the victim was sleeping.

Jimmy Hutto was a father of three and a grandfather of six. Family members attended the scene.

“He had nothing to take from her except his life,” said Bobby Hutto, the victim’s brother.

The stabbing took place outside Dixie Market on Davie Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale early Monday morning.

Relatives laid flowers where Hutto was fatally stabbed.

“He’s always been there for us. It was hard, heartbreaking. He didn’t deserve what happened, ”said Randy Jr. Hutto, the victim’s nephew.

They say Hutto has battled homelessness, but hasn’t caused any problems. He was recently staying in a nearby room. His family says the air conditioning in the bedroom was not working, which is why he was sleeping in front of the store.

“He had a life, he had a house, he was not on these streets because he had no one,” said Brittney Hutto, the victim’s niece.

As the Fort Lauderdale Police Department scrambles to locate Hutto’s murder suspect, his family sends a message to the man.

“What happened to my uncle shouldn’t happen to anyone. The man was a coward for what he did, ”said Randy Jr.

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