Now you can sleep in a small, retired semi-trailer house

A Polish hotel chain has a neat solution for the old rusty semi truck trailers that litter the country. Instead of sleeping in a regular hotel, Good Spot wants you to sleep in an old tractor-trailer that turned into a tiny house.

Weird travel accommodations have been around for some time. Look outside of your traditional hotel list and you can sleep in everything from a Boeing 747 to a converted taxi van parked on a New York City street. These weird places to lay your head are gaining ground, Remarks Airbnb vacation rental company. Even I recently threw the regular hotel to the curb and stayed in guest room. as home reports, this hotel company, Good place seeks to woo travelers with old refrigerated semi-trailers turned into hotel rooms.

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Good Spot founder Roman Sokolowski saw an opportunity to reuse some old trailers while still providing travelers a place to stay off the grid. He partnered up with a Polish design company, Znamy sit to build them in tiny houses. The company claims that the old refrigerated trailers came from other places, having been imported into Poland only to end up abandoned, making the country a graveyard of trailers.

Perhaps the most obvious change in the overhaul is a stainless steel outer skin. It’s a striking finish and reminds me a bit of classic American trailers.

Photo: Znamy się

Inside, Good Spot says the trailers have layouts “based on typical RV solutions, where all functions are located around the perimeter to maximize space in a small area.”

Photo: Znamy się

The resulting small house looks very spacious and open, although it is limited to the width of a semi-trailer.

And it’s not just a room: you also have a kitchen and a bathroom. Check out the waterfall shower head in the bathroom.

Photo: Znamy się

It is not known how these trailers get electricity, water or how they dump the waste. The folks at Business Insider earlier this year interviewed Sokolowski and note that the team that makes these trailers want to create a completely self-sufficient model using solar energy and water recovered from the rain.

Photo: Znamy się

Sokolowski says using refrigerated trailers as a base reduces production time and costs. The trailers are already insulated and they are cheap because there are lots of them because they are always retired. Of course, since these are still trailers, they can be moved to wherever the hotspot of the season is. It also means that they can be parked in remote areas where you won’t find any other accommodation.

Good Spot already has four floor plans with: twin, standard, accessibility and single. The company is even preparing a restaurant trailer.

Photo: Znamy się

The twin lets you sleep for two in a tiny 183 square foot unit, while the others are 33 km². The standard can accommodate a family of six and the accessibility can accommodate five people. As you can probably guess, only one can accommodate four people. These larger units cost around A $ 108,816 to build.

Trailers are currently in use in two seasonal locations and Sokolowski notes that they were booked over the summer and made money. A stay currently costs A $ 68-204, which sounds cooler than staying in a small room in a large hotel. Unfortunately, Good Spot is only available in Europe at the moment. But he intends to build and sell the trailers as ordinary cottages in the future.

This article has been updated since it was first published.

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