Strangers aren’t so bad, says Airbnb’s latest campaign

It’s a dark and gloomy night, and a group of monsters seem to be breaking into a house. They quickly get home, have a good rifle through the records, and come across Kevin Morby’s Beautiful Strangers – that’s when it becomes clear they’re not freaks, they’re friendly Airbnb guests, well. only exceptionally hairy.

The film follows them as they do everything you would expect: make tea, dine, enjoy the view of the lake, and go on a hike. Along the way, there’s brilliant acting, or perhaps puppeteering, especially with the very expressive creature ears.

Why did Airbnb make a movie about a family of furry beasts? Everything is revealed in the slogan – aliens are not so strange. The campaign appears to be an attempt to encourage nervous landlords to put aside their fears of nightmarish guests and give accommodation a try.

According to Airbnb, it has welcomed more than a billion visitors so far, with hosts opening their homes to half a million strangers every day. And as anyone who has tried to book a holiday in the UK this summer will know, the business has absolutely exploded between the Covid lockdowns.

It’s unclear whether the film is an in-house effort or created by an agency, but it’s a lovely piece of work that captures the experience of being an Airbnb guest, while doing its best to assuage hosts’ concerns. potentials.

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