Opening of the new Banksy museum in Belgium

There’s no denying that Banksy is one of the most famous artists working right now, but it can be pretty hard to see a lot of his stuff in one place. Because Banksy typically leaves his designs in public on walls and buildings, much of his art doesn’t really lend itself to display in a conventional gallery.

But that hasn’t stopped a massive Banksy museum from opening in Brussels, Belgium. The Banksy’s world features over 130 recreations of the artist’s works, ranging from some of his most iconic pieces to new works, such as those recently produced in Ukraine.

Moreover, Banksy’s World has not only reproduced Banksy’s artworks, it has also recreated their original environment. Whether gardens or hotels, prisons or schools, you will be able to feel the work of art in its original setting. In addition to this, there are various prints and photographs of works by Banksy. Here are some photos of what the museum looks like.

If you’re a fan of the elusive artist, The World of Banksy is a pretty decent day out. You can find the museum on Rue de Laeken – just north of Brussels city center – and adult tickets cost €14 (£12, $14.80), although there are concessions available. You can find out more and buy tickets on the official website here.

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