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(WSVN) – Just one month after a 7News investigation into pandemic Miami condo parties, a building is taking action. 7-year-old Karen Hensel investigates

A DJ playing pulsating music, colored lights, and no social distancing.

The video, posted on Instagram in late July, is not from inside a club but from a condo unit at Opera Tower in Miami.

Brian Przystup, condo unit owner: “They always come in groups without masks, without social distancing. “

Brian Przystup has owned a unit here since the building opened in 2008, but the Miami Heat mega fan is excited about what he says is an ongoing issue.

Some owners rent out their units to a constant stream of guests.

Karen Hensel: “So did all of this force you to leave? “

Brian Przystup: “I stayed in my office a few nights on weekends because weekends are the worst. “

Now the Opera Tower Condominium Association is asking a judge to slam the door on short-term rentals.

They sue Airbnb, claiming that the online platform “hijacked the condominium ownership and turned it into its own de facto unlicensed hotel.”

The lawsuit includes a link to this August 7News report.

Resident: “You feel a bit trapped in your own building. It’s kinda crazy.

It was then that residents first told us that a combination of COVID, loud parties and violence had turned luxury living into a nightmare.

David Ewing, resident: “We had a shoot here a few weeks ago. “

Police said shots were fired inside the opera tower on June 16 after an argument, but according to the lawsuit, this was just one incident.

The association found between 2017 and 2020, there were 397 calls to 911 and “numerous crimes” in the building, “including thefts, assaults and allegations of rape.”

They say more than half a million dollars a year is now spent on security.

Brian Przystup: “Coming out of the building and coming home at night, I’m literally scared for my life. I wear mass.

Last month, Airbnb announced a global holiday ban, and in response to the lawsuit, the company told 7News, “All Airbnb users agree to comply with applicable laws and regulations… and we have shared the concerns of the Opera Tower Association with members of our community. ‘Home.”

Residents have shared their concerns with us with videos and photos of the continued condo commotion. From people seeming to squeeze into the garage, to queues in the lobby and broken elevator buttons.

They also used social media to document these concerns.

Video on social networks: “It is 11:57 pm. The opera is running at full speed. Very little social distancing. “

Brian Przystup: “I’m not going to stop my mission until every short-term rental leaves this building and we regain our safety, our livelihood. “

Two days after our first article on Opera Tower, this cease and desist letter was posted in the building. It is from the city of Miami that announces an investigation into short-term rentals and any violation of the city code. The association also filed lawsuits against two owners of individual units.

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