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The Queen of Pentacles is a generous, generous and kind person, but also someone with a plan.

Dear Oracle, everything is fine, but I feel stuck. There’s something I’m looking for, but I don’t know what it is. I feel a lack of direction and am looking for guidance.—Miss Management

Cards: Queen of Pentacles (reversed), Ace of Swords (reversed), The Moon (reversed), The World.

Dear Management, what you need is a hunger.

There’s a reason this word gets thrown around in the hustle culture. People say: “You have to be hungry for it”, when they mean: “You have to want something enough”. But hunger is not a desire. It is a need.

To be hungry is to have a vocation, something that drives you.

The advantage is that it commits you to your path. Every action towards your goal takes on an air of devotion. You do what you have to do. The downside is that hunger can make you feel like you never have enough, even if other parts of your life are well nourished.

The basic need within you right now is to be a leader in your own life. The Queen of Pentacles is a generous, generous and kind person, but also someone with a plan. You may have been under the wing of a generous woman (like a mother) for a long time, and although grateful, you long to escape.

But to do that, you need to know who you are as a person. The ace of swords is a card of human complexity, of our thoughts, of our personal philosophies, of our ideals. You must (and are ready to) begin to discover the person you are meant to be and what that person craves.

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To do this, you will have to travel within yourself. The Moon is a map of all that is hidden. It’s your subconscious, yes, but it’s also where you keep those thoughts that you don’t want to see in the light of day. The Land of the Moon is where our true desires lie, hidden in the dark.

There are different ways to explore the subconscious. You can try with a psych-professional (therapist, Jungian analyst), with a spiritual leader (a shaman, a meditation teacher), or with other unconventional means (hypnosis, lucid dreaming.) Or you can meditate and hold newspaper. But deep down, there is a need to stir. This is why you feel restless even now when everything is “good”. You will find it if you seek.

It is normal for the last card to be The World. The World is both the end of the journey and the beginning. It is the map of the Bardo, this place of transition where one life ends and the other begins. You will find a life for yourself, I believe. It may look very different from your current life, it may be subtly different, but this new life is upon us.

However, your new life will have to be aware. You will have to drag what you find in the dark and bring it to the light. It may seem scary to live with what you discover, but the alternative is worse.

If you deny your hunger, that fundamental part of yourself, then it will fester inside you and rot, and it will fill you with a contempt as thick as motor oil, and you will become bitter. and angry and resentful of those you love (often your spouse and children) until all that’s left is hatred.

It’s a common destiny but one that I don’t wish on anyone.

So whatever you discover, know that it can’t hurt more than a soul left to starve to death.

Dear Oracle, I am starting out in a new industry in terms of my career. I have a bit of experience but I’m looking to take the plunge full time. What should I know at this time?-New Horizons

Cards: The High Priestess (reversed), Six of Cups, Three of Pentacles

Dear newcomer, congratulations on starting out in a new industry! Whatever your industry, it sounds exciting. The Six of Cups is a dream card, full of childlike optimism and nostalgia, which means you’ll likely be working with people who have wanted to work in this industry since they were kids.

While this may sound daunting, it actually leads to passionate co-workers eager to help each other achieve the goal. The Three of Pentacles is a harmonious card for partnerships, especially creative ones. It’s much more about collaboration than competition, which is great for a beginner because it means people will help you grow. You will go far if you show your dedication to doing your part and playing well with others.

With The High Priestess upside down, I bet you’re good at your new job. You have a hunch about it, which makes you a quick study and something that (hopefully) impresses your new bosses.

But being inverted, there are also things you haven’t learned yet. As the occult Norma Rae of this article, I must insist that you do what you can to protect yourself from exploitation. Bright young people looking to break into industries are perfect targets for nefarious bosses because they’re both talented and don’t know any better. Don’t sign contracts until you’ve read them carefully and researched anything you don’t understand (or show it to a lawyer if you have one), talk to union representatives, be active in the setting boundaries. If something is wrong, don’t ignore it and definitely don’t let some asshole in a plastic office chair light you up.

If your industry is as friendly as the cards suggest, talk to everyone. Make connections and ask “is this normal?” I hope they can help you.

But beyond protecting your neck, it will be a wonderful new direction for you. The High Priestess is open to the world and to receiving surprising gifts. Who knows? You may find that this new industry was your calling all along.

Good luck, my dear!

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