Ouch! This Dallas Cowboys Egg Costs A Mack Mattress A Fortune

Let’s be real for a moment: betting on sports teams is such a hard thing to do, isn’t it? There are so many variables at play during a game that we don’t consider whether to bet on something. The amount of money we invest is also something we need to think about.

Put on too much and your wallet will hurt for a while. Deposit a little and win, well at least you won, right? Regardless of whatever else is involved, there is one person we all know who invests in various Texas teams.

Her name? Jim McIngvale. Otherwise known to many in the country as Mattress Mack.

Mattress Mack Recent Betting History

According to at the San Antonio Express-News, Mack recently hit the jackpot many of us wish we could hit. He bet on the Houston Astros to defeat the Philadelphia Phillies in the Fall Classic. He won a spectacular 75 million dollars by winning this bet!

So with this win, why not put some more money on other Texas teams? Well, on that subject…those bets didn’t quite turn out the way Mack had expected. The Express-News reported that Mack defeated TCU in the National Championship and suffered a loss of $3 million.

The Dallas Cowboys didn’t help his winning ways either. He bet $2 million on the Cowboys beating the 49ers:

Now, of course, that bet was placed in Louisiana because sports betting in Texas is illegal. But unfortunately, regardless of where the bet was placed, the Cowboys failed to defeat the 49ers, so Mack lost his $2 million.

Well, at least he had some advice for Dak:

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