Outdoor plans for the long weekend? You might need your oilskin. Here are the forecasts

If you were looking to get out or venture out over the three-day weekend, you might be out of luck unless you like the rain.

Forecasters said periods of showers were likely to sweep across Treasure Valley beginning Friday evening, likely providing a dark and wet weekend for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Total rainfall won’t be much — only about a tenth of an inch is expected in Boise, National Weather Service meteorologist Stefanie Henry told the Idaho Statesman on Thursday — but the storms will provide consistent drizzle through the weekend. -end.

There is a slight chance that snowflakes will mix with the rain from Sunday evening to Monday morning, according to the National Weather Servicebut warm temperatures will prevent any buildup.

“It’s going to be warm enough for rain starting Saturday morning and then another wave will come Saturday night,” Henry said. “So there may be breaks in between, but we’re pretty active through the weekend, and then on Sunday we have another wave of humidity coming in.”

Boise’s high temperatures are expected to slowly drop through the weekend as a cold front arrives, starting with a high of 53 degrees on Friday and dropping to a high of 44 degrees on Monday. The low temperature was expected to bottom out at 31 degrees Monday evening.

What about the active weather model?

Thursday, Boise had received measurable rain four times in January, and plot precipitation two more times. With precipitation expected every day this weekend, the City of Trees will have received at least a trace of rain from January 10 in all 16 days through Monday.

Increased precipitation and warming temperatures result from active pacific jet stream attracting subtropical moisture from points to the south. Subtropical humidity is generally warmer, more humid and carries more water.

“We had a lot of south-southwest flows,” Henry said. “And yeah, it’s just that the storm door has been left open the whole time.”

Henry said Idaho received colder weather and more snowstorms in November and December because much of the region’s moisture came from Canada.

She expects that trend to return in a few weeks, but until then the state will benefit from above-average temperatures. The normal high temperature for Boise in mid-January is 38 to 39 degrees.

“By the end of next week or next weekend, we might start to see a bit colder weather out of Canada,” Henry said. “There is actually colder weather that could arrive as early as Monday; our temperatures will start to drop from Sunday.

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