Police arrest man accused of shooting in Mall of America

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — A man accused of shooting inside the Mall of America before fleeing the suburban Minneapolis shopping complex with the help of several accomplices has been arrested in Chicago, authorities said.

Shamar Alon Lark, 21, of Minneapolis, was arrested along with another wanted man Thursday after the Aug. 4 shooting, the Bloomington Police Department said.

“A week ago we said you can’t shoot up the mall and expect to get away with it. You can’t do these acts and think you’re going to enjoy the freedoms of a free society,” said Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges.

According to court documents, Lark faces charges of second-degree assault. It was not immediately clear if he had an attorney Friday who could speak on his behalf.

Police said earlier that Lark fired three shots outside a Nike store following a fight involving half a dozen people. The shooting sent shoppers to safety and led officials to lock down the mall. No injuries were reported.

Lark and the other man had just left a barber shop in Chicago when they were arrested, Hodges said. They were arrested without incident and imprisoned in Chicago.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, who has come under fire from Republicans over fears of violent crime, released a statement on Friday saying he, Attorney General Keith Ellison and Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman would work to ensure the rapid extradition of the two suspects. Walz issues about 100 interstate extradition warrants each year, his office said.

Three people accused of helping the two men escape from the mall were charged on Monday with helping an offender.

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