Potholes pop up in Pittsburgh – WPXI

PITTSBURGH — Potholes are appearing in the Pittsburgh area, with several drivers reporting problematic craters to the city’s 311 system.

“Flat tire and bent rim thanks to the massive potholes on Negley Run Boulevard,” one user wrote.

Another local wrote “there’s a pothole at 44th and Penn that’s gonna eat your whole family”.

Channel 11 drove through the city on Tuesday and found that many of these craters had been filled in.

A city spokesperson told us that teams are monitoring 311 complaints and patching cold holes when possible. The crews intend to schedule another “pothole blitz” in April, when the asphalt plant reopens for the season, and the holes can then be patched with hot asphalt, which is the preferred method.

“We’ll give them credit, they’re working on it,” said local resident Frank Talarico.

But still, Talarico and others we spoke with spot craters all over town.

“They’re everywhere,” he said. “People are going to try to swerve and you’re going to have accidents.”

“I’ve seen a lot of it, it gets really bad after the snow season,” said John Russo. “Once they’ve cleared the roads, it gets pretty crazy. I just hope they fix some of them so I don’t wreck my car.

Channel 11 spoke to local resident Russo near West Liberty Avenue in Beechview, which had a number of deep potholes.

West Liberty Avenue is a state road, and therefore PennDOT is responsible for the patch work. A spokesman said he would alert maintenance crews to road conditions and said crews were carrying out repairs whenever weather permitted.

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