Predominantly white cities that welcome black tourists

Go beyond that comfort zone and book a summer trip to these predominantly white cities that welcome black tourists. Diversity in tourism is now trending. All over many parts of the world. Whether it’s learning about black history in new countries or just basking in the love the city gives its black tourists. Traveling to these cities that welcome black tourists will evoke rich cultural experiences.

Finding places to travel this summer just got a little easier. Hop on Google Flights and choose one of these getaway destinations. Unleash your travel palate and sample chocolates, pastas and beers. Then, stroll through foreign cities.


With the stereotype that black trips are pools in tropical places, it’s time to show up and show off in unexpected places on a trip this summer. Getting to know our culture as well as other cultures, eating good food and seeing famous sites are the things black tourists enjoy the most.

Amsterdam, London, Nice and Thirty, Italy tops the list of cities that welcome black tourists. Do you know of any more predominantly white cities that welcome black tourists? List them in the comments below.

Don’t let these cities be the limit either. There is a lot of other places in the world that welcome black tourists. Don’t take the next person at their word. Travel there and find out for yourself.

1. Krakow, Poland

Residents of Krakow, Poland greet black visitors with a smile. Poles show their approval by the lit expression on their face. Although learning the language can be difficult, Poles generally speak a lot of English. A place where Jewish culture is strong and where locals welcome cultures from around the world with open arms.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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The population of Amsterdam is over 80% white. But, while visiting, tourists can stay at a black-owned women-only hostel, eat at black-owned restaurants, and take a black history tour of the city. Canals and bike paths are the main transport routes and travelers can rent a bike and ride to Nelson Mandela Park in town.

3. London, UK

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With over the half of the population identifying as white, London remains a top destination for black travellers. Walks on Black History, the Kingdom Choir, Black-Owned Bookstores and Pubs; black london is one thing.

4. Nice, France

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Black travelers visiting the coastal city of Nice, France can expect stunning ocean views and a welcoming attitude. This city in the south of France is full of things to do and see. Additionally, it is open to travel diversity, including black travellers.

5. Antwerp, Belgium


The history of Antwerp, Belgium is preserved through the architecture and car-free cobbled streets. Pretty cafes and artful churches will welcome black tourists. And, of course, don’t miss Antwerp’s avant-garde fashion and its famous chocolate in town.

6. Graz, Austria

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Known for being friendly to foreigners, Graz, Austria is a lesser-known location for black travellers. With little crime and plenty of scenic views, Graz is another place to consider traveling. Municipal programs have been put in place to provide residents who are victims of discrimination with free access to a lawyer and to protect the rights of victims of discrimination.

7. Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scots are notorious storytellers who share too much with great humor. Quick to invite new friends over for a beer, their laid-back attitude and welcoming spirit make black tourists feel wanted.

8. Budva, Montenegro


The city of Budva receives only a few black visitors each year. At most. The small town in Montenegro loves its black tourists. The chefs are said to send in additional special entries and autographs are often signed. Visiting here will leave you feeling like royalty!

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