Ranking Love Island’s Most Cursed Content

‘Jakey’ cufflinks will haunt me forever

Good then. You are cast on Love Island. You know the chorus. You get dumped off the island and after what? Go back to your job? Never! Give up your souls and join TikTok instead, and start creating the most cursed content humanly possible! What could go wrong? Over the years, we’ve had a tidal wave of truly shitty Love Islanders TikTok content — and I’m here to round up and rank the absolute worst. From Hugo Hammond descending on the For You page to Luca and Gemma doing a big obnoxious M&S store – here’s all the worst Love Islanders TikTok content ranked.

10. Charlie

Coming in 10th is my King Charlie, which I actually find not spectacularly cursed or worse on TikTok but actually rather iconic. However, her constant deadpan handjobs in villa updates aren’t for everyone, and the whole vibe of her piercing White Walker blue eyes and sarcastic conversations is enough to piss off the toughest of us. If he was this funny in the villa, he might have shot.

9. Lucinde

Lucid again? Truly ? Yes – for no other reason than it comes right on my wick.

8. Dami’s Best Friend Content

What’s going on here then?

7. Paige and Antigoni

The thing with dance trends is that they have to be, well, trending. You can’t just jump on your latest single that no one is going to release and hope that we’re all going to jump on the bandwagon! Not iconic at all. Nothing here is even remotely close to vibes.

6. Aaron F.

Okay. What is happening here? Why can’t he just run his serums all over his face without that narrative? This is extremely shocking to me. He is bad.

5. Anton being a food threat


Why should a 200 pound person eat the same amount as a 150 pound person to lose weight? Everyone’s caloric needs vary depending on a few factors:- [ ] The basal metabolic rate – [ ] Activity level – [ ] Weight and height – [ ] Body Composition – So it’s not as simple as just putting a generic number on it or even following government guild lines. For personalized workout and nutrition plans, click the link in my bio #fat loss # weightloss #nutrition #fitnessmotivation #aptitude

♬ original sound – ANTON DANYLUK

Once you adjust to the visual changes that Anton Danyluk has undertaken since his time at the Love Island villa, you’ll be greeted with some of the worst TikTok any Love Islander has to offer. Do you want to hear toxic conversations about calories and food? No? Me niether. Come over to my house and watch Anton’s calories count TikToks while we drown in McDonald’s.

4. Jake Cornish

I don’t know when Jake Cornish became a fashion account and when he decided to bring in his muse Matteo from Benidorm, but here we are. I literally gasped and recoiled in horror at the jumpscare of the ‘Jakey’ cufflinks. Why do straight people dress like this? They need help and they need it now.

3. Luca and Gemma

I mean…where to start. Maybe with that.


Or a personal favorite:

All that effort to conceal a license plate, but ends up drawing more attention to her anyway…perfect. Be sure to follow Luca on TikTok to guarantee some of the worst post-villa Love Islanders content imaginable.

2. Hugo Hammond

A threat.

Grumpy cat and happy cat are so suspicious, don’t care what anyone says.


Good then. Hear me out… Not a TikTok, but would be if it existed. “YEOOOOO it’s Alex, the seeming calm of Love Island” is the gospel of reality TV and I don’t care what anyone says!

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