Rapper BFG Straap’s corpse leaked on social media after he was shot dead in Dallas

Reports reached Kossyderrickent indicate that the corpse of rapper, BFG Straap, was leaked to social media after he was shot in Dallas. (Read more here).

A Dallas rapper who was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle died Thursday afternoon after being shot, Dallas police said.

A second man was also shot dead at the scene.

Dallas police have not released any information about the motive for the fatal shooting. Dallas police identified the rapper as 22-year-old Antywon Dillard. The Dallas Morning News reported that he was known as BFG Straap.

The other victim was Cory Medina Lucien, 26, according to Dallas police.

Dallas officers responded to a shooting call at around 3:30 p.m. Thursday in the 2800 block of Casey Street in Dallas. BFG Straap, who was best known for his song “I’m Good,” was born on January 7, 2000, when his mother was incarcerated, according to his website biography, and grew up in poverty. Straap turned to music as a teenager after the death of a close friend and began his music career in 2016. He first gained recognition with the release of his 2019 song “Las Vegas“, in later collaborating with fellow DFW rappers Trapboy Freddy, Lil CJ Kasino, SSG Splurge and BigXThaPlug.

DaBaby’s producer Jetsonmade guided him early in his career after hearing the young hip-hop artist’s signature cadence and talent for lyricism.

“Somebody get me a bowl. I’ve got the bottles, I’ve got bottles coming in,” he says, looking into the phone’s camera lens. “Bring me a bowl. We smoke the bowl. I promise everyone to have little. Shoot me, let’s go. And find me an AirBnB outlet, we’re popping the bottle all night. You better not tell me to relax.

No arrests were made during Thursday’s shooting.

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