Missouri City Named One of America’s Most Cheating

Someone’s been mean and there’s a higher than average chance that someone lives in a Missouri town that’s just been named one of the 5 most cheating places in America.

My Dating Advisor created what they call “the index of infidelity” using US Census data to determine marriage, separation and divorce rates for 200 major US cities. They combined that with data from Google for which residents conduct searches related to business interests to compile this list of notoriously unfaithful cities.

With all those numbers crushed, a city in Missouri nearly tops this list for infidelity. This town is…*drum roll*…Saint Louis at No. 4 as one of the most cheating places in America. Congratulation.

Why St. Louis for Misbehaving Relationships? St. Louis has a 47% marriage rate, a 9% divorce rate, and a 2% separation rate. The damning statistic, however, is the over 30% Google search rate for business. Naughty naughty.

For what it’s worth, the other 3 most cheating cities are in Texas. I blame him Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. To joke.

It’s not all dark clouds and bad news. The top 4 most “faithful” cities are in California. Right. My theory is that they don’t just google business information, but rather go out and do bad things. Hey, that’s just a theory.

Check My Dating Advisor Data for you. Maybe don’t plan a romantic weekend with your partner in St. Louis if you plan to stay together.

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