Reddit says it’s time to cancel Airbnb

The fallout from Airbnb continues. Trending online as “AirBnBust”, travelers around the world are increasingly losing favor with the accommodation site. A now-viral screenshot posted to an Airbnb Superhosts Facebook group reveals growing concerns for some hosts who see a sharp drop in bookings. The change has hosts asking, “what’s going on?”

From Twitter to Reddit, users are sharing their reasons for not liking the platform — which you might have agreed with at one point or another as an Airbnb user. The manual features several of the top issues users are talking about, which TN shares here for your reading pleasure.

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Hidden fees

Have you ever tried to book your favorite listing only to get to the final booking screen and find that the actual price is significantly higher than the enticing nightly rate? You’re not the only one.

A personal Redditor RockyNobody account shares, “I was going to rent one for two nights with friends in Atlanta recently. The rate was around $1,600 a night for a six-bedroom, four-bathroom apartment. When I went to pay they had added over $2000 in various extra charges.

Ouch! The discussion around additional fees is one of the main reasons users opt for alternative hosting. Service charges and hefty cleaning fees are two of the biggest contributors to the price difference.

Reddit user professor__doom shares a workaround that may help, depending on the country you’re visiting. In Australia, for example, hidden fees are illegal, so a visit to will show the actual price upfront, as opposed to the sticker shock you might feel on the usual .com version of the site. Company website.

Unrealistic expectations

Complaints about outrageous guest requests are another issue for many users. Cleaning rules are the most recurring issue expressed by Airbnb users.

Editor Ancient-Animal3116 shares, “I once received a negative review from a host because they said I left the place ‘messy’. We followed all of their cleaning instructions to the letter, TWO PAGES VALENT. And paid a triple-digit cleaning fee. They were angry that there were ‘crumbs’ and some pillows weren’t put back in the right rooms.”

Users are tired of vacations riddled with rules, known and unknown surveillance, and a growing general sense that booking an Airbnb these days is more like doing chores around the house and less about rest and relaxation real vacation.

As JustJessJ_Art aptly jokes, “Why should I pay to clean someone else’s house on my vacation?”

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Minimal or no amenities

Airbnb users are rediscovering the privilege of additional amenities by returning to hotel reservations. In an effort to maximize profits, many listings come with few or no amenities from the building to the unit itself.

In response to the tweet that started it all, @Jani__Gee perfectly articulates the differences between hotels and Airbnbs.

She writes: “The hotel has a concierge, housekeeper, rooftop, bar, restaurant, security, swimming pool, air conditioning station. taxis and room upgrades for loyalty. Airbnb has hidden cameras, cleaning fees, discriminatory hosts + they ask you to take out the trash, strip your laundry and scrub the tub before you leave lmao.”

With 14.4K retweets and 65.7K likes, she’s clearly not the only one feeling this.

Airbnbs are no longer more affordable than hotels

Once upon a time, Airbnb was growing like wildfire due to its attractive nightly rates compared to nearby hotels. Unfortunately, in many destinations, those days are over. The growth in popularity also came with rising costs for travelers, as owners aimed to increase revenue by raising prices.

Reddit user cfisch08 writes, “They used to be cheaper than a hotel. Now they are more expensive. Owners are getting greedy”.

Editor Service_suspect_653 note: “The only time I’ve found Airbnb to be cheaper than a hotel is when shopping for monthly stays.” According to a recent analysis of the platform by NerdWallet, they’re right. The June 2022 survey found that Airbnbs are generally cheaper for longer trips or large groups.

Scams, dirty terms and hidden cameras

A quick Google search shows that there is no shortage of horror stories experienced by users. Tales of fake host scams and the guests find hidden cameras in their rooms are well documented (and even got the company into legal trouble). Scrolling through the Reddit thread, you’ll find even more complaints about last-minute cancellations, dirty properties, and other unsavory situations.

Editor MyTwoTothrees recounted their partner’s recent nightmare experience with Airbnb. When the guests arrived at the property they discovered that “towels were still damp in the washing machine, random food in the fridge, the house had bed bugs (they found out later) and at some point, when they were all out, someone came to do… something.”

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Is the Airbnb era coming to an end? If the company doesn’t act quickly, chances are the answer is yes.

There are still a number of reputable hosts offering reasonable rates and great stays. Depending on the length of your stay and the desired experience, Airbnb properties might continue to be the best option. However, for those who take quick trips or enjoy a luxury moment, hotels may be the way to go.

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