Regulation of short-term rentals up for debate in Dallas

Dallas residents are calling on the city to introduce tougher short-term rental (STR) regulations, reports Bethany Erickson in D Magazine, prompting City Council to ask staff for recommendations. “City staff presented two options. Zoning would be updated to divide short-term rentals into owner-occupied single-family homes. The other would be the opposite of that. Owner-occupied STRs (in other words, granny flats, ADUs, and garage flats) would be permitted in all zoning districts. But those that are not owner-occupied would be prohibited in zones zoned single-family residential.

The proposed rules would also require off-street parking and prohibit the use of properties as event venues. A third proposal would completely ban short-term rentals in single-family residential neighborhoods.

“The problem is compounded by the fact that no one really knows how many hosts there are in the city. AirDNA, which analyzes the listings and breaks them down by city and state, says there are 4,884 active listings in the City of Dallas Meanwhile, “the city says it has about 1,200 registered short-term rental property owners, which has prompted most council members to wonder how effective an ordinance would be if the city ​​couldn’t even enforce its basic registration requirement, which is literally the only regulation in place.

The source article describes regulations imposed by other cities, such as South Padre Island, where the rules aim to control large parties, and Denver, where short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods are limited to units occupied by their owner. Erickson suggests a “good faith regulatory effort” that enforces the rules without completely shutting down the STR industry.

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