Route 91 Harvest Festival Site Sold Years After Filming

The Route 91 Harvest Festival site in Las Vegas, also known as “The Village,” has been sold. This area is

The Route 91 Harvest Festival site in Las Vegas, also known as “The Village,” has been sold. This area is also known as the site of the mass shooting, known as the “October 1st shooting” in 2017.


The parties involved in the actual site of the Route 91 Harvest Festival

According to MGM President Bill Hornbuckle, maintaining the portion of land that was promised as memorial land is crucial.

“Having a permanent memorial is essential to the healing of our community,” MGM President Bill Hornbuckle said in a recent news item, “and we will continue to work with and support the county as it moves forward in the process of development and construction”.

Fifteen acres of land make up the site. Two acres will be preserved for the memorial, while 13 have been purchased by the three affiliated tribes of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. The tribe includes the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara nations, based in central North Dakota. Nearly one million acres make up the Home Reserve, with more than 17,000 members and 1,600 employees.

MGM Resorts International acted as the sellers of the site. The company plans to remain involved in the development of the land, located on Las Vegas Boulevard with Mandalay Bay Road and Reno Avenue as cross streets.

In a statement from the company, it was noted that “in addition to donating land for the memorial, MGM will contribute to the construction of the memorial financially, logistically and in other ways as well.”

For the moment, the plans of the grounds are not stopped. Potential former tenants of the land were event centers, a new casino, and other hospitality-centric structures. Families of victims and survivors have expressed displeasure that the space is being used as an overflow parking lot for Allegiant Stadium, saying the effort to erect a memorial site was late.

MGM said the three affiliated tribes will announce their land use intentions at a later date.

The October 1 shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival Locale

The event is commemorated as one of the deadliest mass shootings in the United States. A former resident of Mesquite, Nevada opened fire from the shattered window of a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, killing 60 people and injuring hundreds more.

According to a official police report, the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival drew approximately 22,000 attendees. The three-day festival culminated on October 1, with Jason Aldean as the closing act.

The assassin spent weeks before the event checking in and out of several Las Vegas hotels and Airbnbs. His internet search activity and behaviors were thoroughly investigated after the incident, along with his weapons. A list of witnesses totaling more than 45 employees, law enforcement and relatives of the suspect has been implicated.

Remember the tragedy

The city of Las Vegas remembers this day with memorials and efforts. Get Outdoors Nevada erected a garden, named Las Vegas Community Healing Garden, with more than 58 trees planted to honor the victims who perished on October 1. An official October 1 memorial Committee was formed to begin planning a physical site for the memorial grounds, with opportunities to participate and submit ideas available on their website.

In September 2022, a sunrise event was held in remembrance of the victims in downtown Las Vegas, where singer Sam Riddle performed his song “Vegas Strong”. To mark the fifth anniversary, President Joe Biden also issued an official statement acknowledging the lives lost and pledging to continue efforts to eradicate victims of gun violence with new measures.

Resources have been gathered for survivors of the shooting, including scholarships, events and memorial media. “11 MINUTES,” a Paramount+ docu-series that includes first-hand accounts of the event, interviews, and footage, is a recent release.

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