Ruru Madrid clarifies that “Lolong” is not about the world’s largest crocodile

Ruru Madrid clarified that GMA’s next action-adventure series “Lolong” is not about the world’s largest crocodile, which bears the same name.

In an online interview with the press on Tuesday, the Kapuso actor said they just used the title name to pay tribute to the late crocodile.

“It was found in our country, so we used it, but basically it’s not about that. It’s not just crocodiles. It’s more about what’s going on around us, ”he said in English and Filipino.

“We just use the word crocodile, but it has a deeper meaning,” he added.

Executive producer Jaypril Jaring backed Ruru’s statement, saying “no part of the story is similar to Lolong’s original story.”

“Lolong”, however, will tackle environmental issues such as climate change, global warming and animal extinction, particularly in the Philippines.

“We are also the harms of nature, so the show will teach viewers a good lesson to help the world at large,” said Arra San Agustin.

“[This will] raise awareness that the environment must be taken care of because, as they say, people and nature are one, ”said Shaira Diaz.

Ruru is expected to star alongside Dakila, a 22-foot animatronic crocodile, in GMA’s upcoming action-adventure series “Lolong”. The premiere date has not yet been announced.

Lolong, the world’s largest captive crocodile, died in 2013. – RC, GMA News

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