Back in the saddle. It was our 10th Tampa Pro, and if Tampa is known for anything, it’s professionalism. Professional skaters, professional partygoers, professional strippers and professional lurkers who make unique lifestyle choices. Taking part in such an important and historic skate event can feel like a magical journey away from the real world. No matter how many times you go, you get a little kid’s joy seeing some homemade Piss Drunx shirts and realizing that in this special place there is no barrier between you and all the pros drinking. at the bar, piss in the alley and take over the old brick streets. Tampa Pro is a place where skateboarders can live and party together.

Meet the good mate and mate: Semmes aka »@Hugepimp” and Married aka Skeletor. The last time we saw Semmes we were in an AirBnB in ATL and everyone was on their third day of bad behavior with little to no sleep. It wasn’t until recently that I found out that he had become sober and instead of drinking alcohol, he was addicted to Mountain Dew. I can’t win them all, I guess.

Fun fact: Karimthe son of goes to the same small college in upstate New York [New Paltz] where Jenkem was conceived. That doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things, but any connection to Kareem is worth bragging about.

At one point over the weekend, it was clear that Kairi Netsuke (left) was the audience favorite and underdog at the event. He had a crazy race in the semifinals but could not succeed in the final, which is why he did not rank higher. Regardless, the crowd was taken by his unpredictable and elegantly composed tips. Here he gets an oil change of his mentor / coach.

If you saw our IG coverage you’ve probably seen the Steve Berra music video getting really mad at a random bunch of kids for holding up a photoshopped Jagger Eaton sign playing with her nipples. The sign was pretty stupid, but Berra went off when he could have just moved on. Obviously, Berra has been known to overreact, but all the punches Cariuma received throughout the weekend took him to his limit. But that’s what you get with a quality shoe brand like Cariuma. *

* Full Disclosure: Cariuma sponsored this legend.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first, tenth, or twenty-seventh Tampa Pro, no one will “cool” you in these charming and dirty bars. As long as you can hold your booze and don’t try to date someone else’s partner, you can be friends with anyone within a two-foot radius. Some people even let you put a beer on their bill if you promise to ask one more question: “The contest was pretty sick, huh?” “

TJ Rogers was someone we didn’t know much about, but he won the whole crew over this weekend. His clothes were comically loose XXXL, he made sure to get 10/10 drunk at Espolon and at 5am at McDonald’s he was extremely cordial. A real professional, this guy.

You don’t have a lot of options after the bars are closed. You can either go to the strip club like a sad degenerate, eat McDonalds until you’re sick, or throw your pals’ hands on the sidewalk to get drunk. One night, Alexis chose the third option.

On the third day we were so dead we watched 50% of the contest at home with Hot Pockets. Everyone knows the best thing about traveling is eating crappy food without the guilt.

Cell phones are getting way too big. Look at this shit. It’s a double D phone!

The night Felipe nunes twisted a bit and started handing out his leg for people to use as a bong / beer mug. Mr. Gustavo was one of the brave men to pull out a beer full of that sweaty prosthesis. I guess if you’re going to catch Covid, at least do it in style!

These guys made everything run smoothly, so on the last night they deserved to chill out with some refreshing alcoholic beer drinks. It was the last time they were all seen alive.

What really fascinated me all weekend was trying to figure out how the woman administering the lashes to the castle got this gig. She started off slowly and lightly, but as the music picked up, she started pounding this skinny dude’s back to the beat. Getting paid to whip people in public for 4 hours? Sign me up!

It’s freedom. Laid out, in the middle of the street, your voice broken after spending three straight nights in bars smoking indoors and wearing your favorite caballero hat. It’s no wonder that when Europeans first landed in Florida in the 1400s, they looked around and said, “Gah damn, that bussin ‘.”


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