Spend a night at a renovated cigar box factory in Traverse City

Looking to take a little trip to northern Michigan? If you’ve never been to Traverse City, it’s a beautiful city full of adventure.

It also has some very unique places to stay too. How do you feel about staying in a refurbished cigar box factory?

I feel like when you say it like that it sounds a little creepy but I promise it’s super cool and comfy! I’m sure one of your questions is “Does it smell like a cigar?” ” No, this is not the case. It’s completely redone do you remember?

The renovated Airbnb cigar box factory

If you’re looking to relax for a few days, good news, you have plenty of places to do so. They have so many sofas in the living room and family room.

And you know what makes a lazy day on the couch better? A good book. Lucky for you, they have the books for days. I’m not exaggerating either, their collection of books is insane.

Victoria + Matt via Airbnb.com

The loft has two bedrooms and both have a king-size bed. If you have kids they also have a Pack n ‘Play for you. How cool is that?

There is the coolest walk-in shower and tub in one of the bathrooms and two separate sinks. So you don’t have to arm wrestle someone who brushes their teeth first.

I know you are wondering about the kitchen situation and all I have to say is you could invite the whole city over, it’s so big.

Did I mention Airbnb has a 4.98 star review? Here’s one of their online reviews from July 2021,

The Loft was a great travel experience and “a gem to discover”. The indoor spaces and the outdoor courtyard provided a fun, charming and relaxing getaway. The Loft has a unique history, exceptional architecture and design, surrounded by superb books, comfortable furniture and an easy downtown location. We have been traveling AirB & B & (Hidden by Airbnb) for 5 years and it was a “Top 3” experience !!

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The renovated Airbnb cigar box factory in Traverse City

Looking for a unique place to stay in Traverse City? We may have found the perfect place for you.

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