Stay on the double story of the Spice World movie

On Tour: The outside of the bus is painted like a Union Jack. (Photo: mediadrumimages/ChristianHewison)

When you’re feeling sad and down, a Spice Girls bus stop is where you need to go.

Yes, if you really want to spice up your life, this iconic Union Jack painted double deck – straight out of the 1997 movie spice world – is a new unique place to Stop the night.

Fans will remember Posh driving that same bus through the busy streets of London to get to their big show at the Royal Albert Hall in time.

For £388 per night, available through Airbnb, guests can stay on the bus currently parked on the Isle of Wight.

While the iconic Union Jack is still painted on the outside of the bus, the interior is a bit different from the movie.

But if you want to be surrounded by the vintage style of Scary, Sporty, Ginger, Baby and Posh, the Spicemobile features bold interiors, with colorful cushions surrounding the central seating area.

Girl Power: The seats are covered in pink union plugs and the colorful throw pillows make the lounge area ideal for a girls’ night out (Photo: mediadrumimages/ChristianHewison)

Upstairs there is a walk-in closet and an adjoining bedroom, fitted with a stunning animal print rug that was surely chosen by Mel B.

And it includes comfy bedding for three Saturday night divas (or any other night) to share the party.

‘The The Spice Girls were my childhood obsession. My parents were subjected to my deaf performances as Baby Spice, and I must have watched Spice World hundreds of times,” says host Suzanne Godley.

The double bed at the top of the bus

Saturday night divas: The double bed has disco balls at the end (Credits: mediadrumimages/ChristianHewison)

“And even though I’ve grown over the years, I don’t think I ever grew up out of love for them.

“When my boss mentioned he was considering buying the Spice Bus, I was desperate to help renovate it.

Too: There’s a small kitchenette (Photo: mediadrumimages/ChristianHewison)
Stop there: Upstairs on the double-decker bus, there’s room for three people (Photo: mediadrumimages/ChristianHewison)

“We’ve worked hard to turn the bus into a home, in keeping with its heritage, and I’m thrilled to open it to the public with the support of Airbnb.

“Being part of this project has been like a dream come true and I look forward to meeting other Spice Girls fans through this experience.”

Never give up on the good times: the living room is bright and bold (Photo: mediadrumimages/ChristianHewison)
Goodbye: Girl Power selfies in the driver’s seat are encouraged (Picture: mediadrumimages/ChristianHewison)

While Suzanne hopes you’ll say you’ll be there, there are a few bus rules to follow, including no pets or smoking, a maximum of three guests, and a 90s dress code (with a double denim of course allowed).

Girl Power selfies in the driver’s seat are actively encouraged – even if the bus isn’t moving – and could you even call yourself a fan without doing a rendition of “Goodbye” upon departure?

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