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Award-winning actors Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes have joined forces for new ITV drama Stonehouse. The drama follows the fall of disgraced minister John Stonehouse who faked his own death after falling heavily into debt. Ahead of the miniseries airing, Matthew shared his thoughts on Keeley portraying Stonehouse’s wife, Barbara.

Stonehouse pulled the wool over the eyes of his first wife Barbara in 1974 when he hatched a plan to fake his own drowning in Miami.

The series explores the circumstances that led to the scandal when he held ministerial posts in aviation and later as postmaster general.

He also forged secret relationships with a Czech spymaster and then with his new secretary Sheila Buckley (Emer Heatley).

Stonehouse began spending his newfound wealth profusely, which quickly sent everything spiraling out of control.

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Opening up on what viewers might think of his work with Keeley at Stonehouse, Matthew admitted: “I mean, you think, is it going to be a little cheesy or cute or something, but in fact, it was really lovely.

“And she’s a brilliant actress. And it was just, you know, we’re both used to being on set. So it was just awesome.”

Keeley plays Stonehouse’s doting wife who was against his decision to move into a stately home.

She begins to mistrust him but has no idea that he is having an extramarital affair with his secretary.

A synopsis for the first episode reads: “The 1970 election proves to be a turning point as Stonehouse goes from standard bearer to scapegoat. He is left out.

“Rumors of fraud are also circulating as his suspicious investments are scrutinized. He is becoming desperate.

“Inspired by The Day of the Jackal, he hatches a secret plan to escape his dire situation involving a dead voter and fake passports.

“A ministerial trip to Miami is the perfect opportunity – but can he bear to leave his family and the real John Stonehouse behind?”

The full series of Stonehouse will be available to stream on ITV from Monday January 2.

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