Surf Lodge brings Lupe Fiasco and Amos Lee to the stage in September

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It’s just after 7 p.m. on a hot Saturday night. The sun is setting below the horizon and crowds of people are moving excitedly to the front of the outdoor stage. Ayokay sings in the background, performing his single Sleepless nights to an enthusiastic audience. The cacophony of laughter, icy drinks clinking in cocktail glasses and electronic tunes fill the atmosphere – that’s what a night out is. The Surf Lodge in Montauk is like.

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Founded by Brazilian-born entrepreneur Jayma Cardoso, The Surf Lodge is a stylish, upscale property located right on the edge of Fort Pond in Montauk. While the lodge itself has several rooms (including master and junior suites) for guests to stay in, its real draw is the weekly summer concert series which features artists from chain smokers to Matisyahu and everyone else.

Cardoso is actively involved in planning the concert series and describes himself as extremely “hands-on” at ownership. “I’m sure a lot of people think I’m still at the Surf Lodge (and I sure am there often!),” Cardoso says of his work ethic. rolling stone had the opportunity to sit down with the designer herself and ask her a few questions about what it takes to run such a property in the heart of the Hamptons – as well as what musical performances you can expect this month next.

Tell me about the genesis of The Surf Lodge, what made you want to own and operate a hotel in Montauk?

I grew up in Brazil and Montauk really reminded me of the beach towns back home. It was a sleepy fishing village with a bohemian spirit and a ton of natural beauty – I came here for many years before deciding to open The Surf Lodge, and it was the perfect home for us.

Why is music such a big part of The Surf Lodge experience? How did it happen?

I’ve always wanted The Surf Lodge to be a place of discovery and I’ve centered that around four main programming pillars: culinary experiences, music, art and wellness. It is the intersection of all these pillars that makes The Surf Lodge what it is – something truly unique for guests. My top priority is to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors leaves feeling like they are part of something special.

Everyone loves coming to the concert series on weekends! How do you decide on the composition?

Again, that sense of discovery is really important. I want there to be something for everyone in our range over a summer. I work with a great booking team that understands my musical tastes and what works for our audience, and we constantly brainstorm ideas for programming. I also listen to new artists; we’re used to showcasing up-and-coming talent at the Surf Lodge, many of whom win Grammys. It’s pretty amazing to see some of the artists who performed here before they became famous again, like Halsey and Anderson .Paak – everyone always asks me when Anderson .Paak is coming back and now I think he’s too famous for us !

Does the day of the week matter to who plays? I noticed that the lodge usually has DJs on Fridays and Saturdays and more singers and indie bands on Sundays.

Yes that is correct! We host a Friday night DJ series to kick off the weekend, and we usually have bands or artists headlining on Sunday night, with Saturday being more of a mix. There will always be tons going on in Montauk and the Hamptons on Fridays and Saturdays, but centering our concert series on Sunday nights gave people a reason to extend the weekend and spend those nights with us listening to good music and creating memories. Beyond the weekends, we also have regular local artists on Monday nights and our famous Wednesday nights with Nancy Atlas, which are some of my favorite nights of the summer.

Who is your favorite artist who performed at the Surf Lodge this year?

I can’t pick favorites! This year’s lineup was really exciting for me, though – we were able to bring back favorites like Bob Moses and Donavon Frankenreiter as well as some really fantastic up-and-coming artists I had my eye on like Blu DeTiger, Chelsea Cutler, Tai Verdes and Channel Tres. I feel like this has been one of our best seasons for the concert series.

It’s hard since the Covid? How has the pandemic affected the lodge?

The 2020 season was definitely different. Luckily we were able to open that year, but we moved to accommodate longer stays as people moved out of the East to work remotely and stayed longer. We didn’t have our music lineup, other than a virtual concert we hosted in partnership with Gov Ball. Last season, as the world opened up again, we found that people were really eager to come together safely and share experiences, of which we were able to be a part. And now, this year, he’s been busier than ever. We were lucky to come through the worst of the pandemic and come out of it stronger.

Is the Surf Lodge open all year round?

Surf Lodge season kicks off Memorial Day weekend and ends in early fall; this year we will be open until October 2. In the winter we have a sister property in Aspen called Tthe Snow Lodge — we also have a series of concerts there!

I know you mentioned that the September music lineup is coming out soon, is it possible to share the lineup with our readers?

We’ve got a number of really exciting acts lined up including The Magician, Channel Tres and Blondish over Labor Day weekend, plus Brett Dennen on September 10, Wyclef Jean on September 17, Lupe Fiasco on September 24 and Amos Lee for our closing weekend. October 1.

What future for The Surf Lodge?

My focus is on expanding The Surf Lodge brand and opening more locations that each have their own unique vibe and personality, while staying true to our core pillars. The Snow Lodge in Aspen is our first long-term partner site, but I’ve tested a few pop-ups and have high hopes and ideas for additional markets. You will have to stay tuned!

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