Tamara Waterston presents Southern Poland inside Minneapolis Airbnb

Photos by David Ellis

Tamara Waterston poses in the adorable Linden Hills Airbnb that she and her husband, John, remodeled together in 2020.

Texas-born Tamara Waterston has the supernatural veneer that is a byproduct of being raised by strong women who take these things seriously. “It’s on another level, and I didn’t realize it wasn’t like that everywhere until I left,” she laughs. “My 84-year-old grandmother is dressed at nine at 7:30 in the morning, ready to go with perfect fluffy hair, nails, makeup and a plate of donuts.”

As a lifestyle blogger and influencer whose Instagram account, Champagne and macaroons, has more than 100,000 subscribers, this sense of style has served him well. Chronicle of her personal life, travels, and more recently parenthood (Leo, 3, and Rolf, just under 2), blogging was a creative outlet that Waterston started when she moved to the Minnesota, where her husband is from. “Before we got married, I moved here to see if I could handle the winter and fell in love with it – the seasons and how active people are.” And although she admits that part of her heart will always be in Texas, she now considers herself a Minnesotan, so much so that she deployed the welcome wagon in the form of a Cute Airbnb in Linden Hills.

The urge to become a host came from their many travels and their experience of staying in rental homes versus hotels. “We love how it really makes you feel a part of the place you visit and the way people live, and we wanted to recreate that here,” Waterston said. The 560 square foot cottage, which the couple bought and renovated last year, had the advantage of being located close to the family home. (Of course, this all coincided with both the birth of their second son and the pandemic.) They removed dated cabinetry, tiles and fixtures to expose the bones of the house, including the original brick. . fireplace and beamed ceiling. Waterston envisioned a calm and calming retreat, so she kept the color palette neutral and incorporated many natural materials and textures. A retro-style bar cart and refrigerator are two examples of the fun touches found inside.

Since its completion in late 2020, the unit has been occupied, providing refuge for many visitors. “We’ve had all kinds of people: brides-to-be, moms who need a few nights out and visiting in-laws,” Waterston says. “Connecting with all of these wonderful people and sharing the great local places to visit is one of my favorite aspects of being an owner.” The list of places includes restaurants, parks, trails, museums, and even a few lounges. You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take out the girl’s Texas.

A spacious but comfortable seating area manages to make the cramped 560 square foot space feel like a home away from home.

Influencer | Tamara Waterston

Your style, southern polish with Californian ease, reflects where you have lived. What did Minnesota contribute to this equation? Trousers [laughs]. I don’t like pants, but moving here required it. I love dresses and love heels, but with kids you have to understand. I learned to appreciate a good mule and sneakers with dresses. With two toddlers, I never run.

What are your favorite destinations? The Netherlands. We went there during the tulip season a few years ago and stayed at a farm outside of Amsterdam. I love the way people live there, their aesthetics and the way things are done with such craftsmanship.

What about your favorite local spots? I love Patina. They do such a good job. I always bring people from the outside. The foundry is really special too. Anne [the owner] is a beautiful person and finds wonderful things. For restaurants, we love Martina, but my absolute # 1 is Bar La Grassa.

What is your dream project? I would like to do another Airbnb!

How do you relax? I pour a glass of wine, sit outside with my laptop, and answer emails. When things get out of hand with the kids, we go for a walk – move around, be in nature and see people and dogs change the energy, and we come back refreshed.

Follow Waterston on Instagram at instagram.com/champagneandmacarons.

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