Teenage girl pockets £12.5,000 house and returns it to Airbnb – but trolls mark her money as a ‘leech’

A 19-year-old woman managed to buy a house and rent it out – and it all cost her $17,000 (£12,500).

Emily Askin shared with her TikTok followers her journey to becoming an Airbnb host at a young age.

And with just a week of listing on the vacation rental site, the teenager had already raised enough money to pay off four months’ mortgage and expenses.

But despite her success, many people wonder how she managed to buy the property so young – and at a bargain price.

With this, the American teenager received cruel comments from trolls claiming that she was a “leech” for money.

But despite what some might think, Emily funded half the business herself.

In a video posted to her TikTok, Emily explained how the $17,000 (£12,500) secured her the three-bed house.

The teenager shared how she managed to secure the house

“I paid for half the house, not because I couldn’t buy it all – I could have,” she said.

“But, my mother and I wanted to participate in this first set and experiment and learn together.”

Emily shared that her modeling and social media influence pays her bills and her lifestyle, which also saves her money to pay a down payment for the property.

“Stop hating because you think it’s not possible for yourself,” she told her doubters.

“The house didn’t cost $17,000 (in total), it cost $265,000 (£195,595).

“We had to put 10% down, I paid half so I put 5% down and then we furnished it. That brings me to $17,000.

woman with text on screen
Emily broke down the costs

Emily also detailed the cost breakdown of her Airbnb home located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

With the house costing $265,000 (£195,595) in total, a 10% deposit was required.

After splitting the cost with her mother and now business partner, Emily only had to deposit $13,250 (£9,776).

She then spent $3,750 (£2,766) to furnish the house ready to be rented out to guests.

Emily urged her followers: ‘You don’t need parents to help you – you can find anyone to co-host. I explain my story and if that doesn’t work for you, great.

“They (my parents) also didn’t give me $13,000. She (my mother) owns half the house and takes half the profits.

“It’s a trade deal.”

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