The 13 Best Bars in Minneapolis, A Nightlife Travel Guide

Few cities can boast the same nightlife as Minneapolis. Minneapolis bars are unique, lively, and range from cute old-fashioned bars to trendy speakeasies. If you are a visitor to Minneapolis, you need to do some exploring to experience what we can only call Minneapolis’ exceptional nightlife.

Whether it’s a thirst-quenching pint at a Northeastern bar, relaxing on an Uptown rooftop while sipping cocktails, or chasing a meal with a worldly drink in the Whittier area, there There is something for every taste. While these Minneapolis neighborhoods may vary in their offerings, one thing is certain; they are all perfect for a drink or two.

If you are a traveler checking into one of the many cool boutique hotels in minneapolis, then you have no reason to waste time wondering what the best bars in Minneapolis are. We’ve done the work for you. With 13 of the best, it’s all you need for a weekend or more in this bustling city. Let’s start.

Palmer Bar, Minneapolis.

Bar Palmers

If you’re looking for a bar with an interesting history, Palmer’s should be your first stop. The bar was once a community center and West Bank institution. This is a great place to unwind away from the usual happy hour destinations. Palmer’s is described as the bar where you will meet everyone. The ups, downs, celebrities, college students, bums and odd professionals.

Club CC

CC Club was first known as CC Tap and built its foundation on three-two beer as well as live rock and roll. It is known as one of the best beer joints in town. The clientele of this establishment is made up of regulars and locals, sports and rock’n’roll enthusiasts, as well as those who simply want to get together and have fun with friends.

Wild Mind Ale

Wild Mind Ales is the perfect place to sample wild beers. The bar serves rustic-style craft beers from yeast strains harvested from all over Minnesota. Wild Mind Ales are designed to be creative, provocative and unique. Every beer served here is packed with a depth of flavor that will leave you thirsty for more. Whether sour, wild, saison or farmhouse, there’s a beer to hit the right spot.

The 13 Best Bars in Minneapolis

Arcade Bar Down, Minneapolis.

Rising arcade bar

This is perhaps one of the most memorable on this list of the best bars in Minneapolis. Up-Down features an impressive fifty arcade games all reminiscent of the 80s and 90s. Call your friends and enjoy pinball machines, Nintendo 64 console, skee-ball alleys and a life-size Jenga for a night of fun and games.

The Up-Down Arcade Bar’s drink menu features impressive craft beers (over 60), cans and bottles. Enjoy your drink and order a homemade pizza to go with it.

Barrel Room Minneapolis

Another spot specializing in wild beers. Barrel Room ferments and ages its beers in mangers or oak barrels in its special temperature-controlled wood cellar. Beers take a few months or even years to age. Who wouldn’t want that?

The living room and the ban

Let this speakeasy on the 27th floor of Foshay wow you with a little time travel and spectacular views. The Living Room and Prohibition will give you a taste of the 1920s lifestyle with its delicious cocktails, panoramic views and one-of-a-kind decor.

This Foshay Tower design is inspired by the Washington Monument and features traditional African woodwork, gold-plated doorknobs, and Italian marble. Gold and silver shimmer on the ceilings while ornate bronze can be spotted all over the tower.

Motor Lounge by Psycho Suzi

Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge, Minneapolis.

Motor Lounge by Psycho Suzi

If you want to get away from boredom, the perfect place is Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge. The establishment serves excellent drinks and offers you to have a good time while cuddling the weirdo in you. It serves delicious Minneapolis pizzas as well as a variety of other fried treats.

The best thing about Psycho Suzii is the 3-bar cocktail lounge offering a variety of flavors. Its beautiful patio is also proudly the only waterfront restaurant in town.

Hewing Hotel

One of Minneapolis’ fanciest bars sits high up in one of the city’s top hotels. The Hewing Hotel will give you breathtaking views of the Minneapolis skyline from its rooftop oasis. Quench your thirst in their all-weather bar and lounge that offers outdoor and indoor seating.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying Instagram-worthy views of downtown Minneapolis while slapping on local craft beer, cocktails or wine.

Modist Brewing Co.

There’s nothing traditional about the brewing that happens at Modist. The school thrives on experimentation and creativity. Keigan, the head brewer, takes a unique approach to flavor as he begins work to achieve his goal.

The brewer then proceeds to embrace independence and freedom in technique, guidelines and ingredients to curate the perfect beer experience.

Inbound Brewing Co., Minneapolis Bars

Inbound Brewing Co., Minneapolis.

Inbound Brewing Co.

Craft beer lovers will delight in this tavern and brewery. The converted recycling facility features floor-to-ceiling windows, a barrel room and a bar that seats 35 people. Inbound’s patio opens up during the sunny months so visitors can soak up some vitamin D while enjoying their favorite beverages.

Whether it’s kombucha, craft sodas, or one of the 30 lines of draft beer you order, you’ll enjoy your stay here.

Utepsils Minneapolis

It is an establishment that values ​​the traditions of the old brewers. Utepsils is an 18,000 square foot bar that includes one of the most relaxing beer gardens in town as well as a Taproom. They brew their beer using fresh spring water from historic wells. Their goal is to produce beer using time-tested techniques while embracing new traditions in the city that will bring people together to have a good time while enjoying exceptional beer.

Tiltable pinball bar

Locally owned and operated by pinball enthusiasts, TILT offers a relaxed atmosphere, a wide selection of drinks, solid food options and, of course, top quality machinery. It’s the kind of place we’ve always dreamed of, and sharing that excitement is also the essence of TILT. So come on and get the ball rolling with your own friends.

Betty Danger's Animal Farm, Minneapolis Bars

Betty Danger’s Animal Farm, Minneapolis.

Betty Danger’s Animal Farm

If you’re looking for all the perks of a country club bar and restaurant minus the membership fees, Betty Danger’s is for you. One of the best bars in Minneapolis, this bar and restaurant serves Tex-Mex specialties and cocktails. Some of the attractions to enjoy here include The Danger. It’s a Ferris wheel with outdoor restaurants where you can eat and drink while enjoying the ride.

JD Hoyt’s Supper Club

Minneapolis is no stranger to steakhouses and JD Hoyt’s is the one you should visit. This is a friendly establishment with an extensive wine list, full bar and menu. Here you can also enjoy delicious cocktails, excellent service and excellent cuisine.

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