The best Airbnbs for fall foliage include treehouses and A-frame cabins

Is it really fall season if you haven’t seen a single yellow, orange or red leaf on a tree? Fall just wouldn’t be fall without the fall foliage. Since leaf-watching is one of the fall travel trends for 2022, you’re probably wondering where to find the best Airbnbs for fall foliage. Instead of just driving up north somewhere to hike for a day, you and your best friends can rent a treehouse or treehouse getaway for the ultimate fall weekend getaway – as long as you know where to set your GPS.

According Airbnb’s latest travel report, many people will be looking for a second summer destination to keep the beach vibe going. However, some people can’t wait for the pumpkin spice lattes, oversized crewneck sweaters, and watching the leaves change color. If you’re in the latter group, you’ll definitely want to know the best Airbnbs to book for fall. Airbnb makes it easy to find unique stays based on your interests through their categories. Some useful filters might be cabins and countryside for peak times, but it doesn’t hurt to know where in the US to book your next cozy cabin.

While New England and the Pacific Northwest are great starts, off-the-beaten-path and less traveled destinations may be more your style. After all, going where you can enjoy more leaves for yourself will make all the difference, right? Since September and October tend to be the best months for fall foliage, it’s time to book one of these 16 fall Airbnbs before it’s too late.


This lakeside cabin in the Catskills

Who could say no to lake views and fall foliage? This cabin in the catskills is the ultimate fall getaway. Set right on Amber Lake, you can take the rowboat to capture great photos of the fall leaves reflecting above the water. Plus, just imagine the beautiful sunrise and sunset you’ll see on the back porch as you sip a PSL, wrapped in the blanket. It’s almost too perfect to be true.


This cabin on top of a mountain in Tennessee

Instead of walking through the fall foliage, look down on it while you stay in a mountaintop cabin. This one bedroom house is located above Bluff Mountain in Tennessee and offers a panoramic view from above. In the fall you can really see all the fall foliage looking out from the porch or through the large windows in the living room.


This unique Airbnb stay in New York

Airbnb is known for unique homes that you won’t find anywhere else, and that architectural marvel in new york is one of them. This geometric home almost seems like it doesn’t belong in the middle of the woods, but that might be what appeals to you the most. While you don’t mind being basic in your love of all things falling, you’d love to stay in a home away from home that’s anything but. There are even so many large windows in the house that you could sit with a good book and watch the leaves fall from the trees all day.


This Airbnb Lake Dream Home in New Jersey

While Ocean City, New Jersey may be one of the best Airbnb towns for second fall summer vacations, this lakeside cottage in Vernon Township is perfect for fall foliage lovers. The three-bedroom Airbnb cottage can comfortably sleep up to eight people, so invite all your best friends over for a weekend getaway. Every morning, watch the sunrise over the lake surrounded by beautiful trees. You’ll even have access to a canoe, pedal boat and kayaks if you want to get out on the water or just admire it all from your private dock at the back.


This cabin in Arkansas

Bella Vista, Arkansas has been listed as one of Airbnb’s top trending destinations for fall travel this year, and this cottage is a must-see for any traveler looking for Instagram-worthy decor. In addition to the chalet, you will have access to Ray’s Garage on the property, which is a bike repair and wash station. It has a very Route 66 feel and is perfect for a vintage themed photo shoot. You can also take advantage of the nearby bike trails if that’s how you want to see the fall foliage, or just relax in the pavilion with its stunning waterfall views.


This Waterfall Private Airbnb Cabin in New Jersey

You’ll have plenty of room to explore the fall foliage when you book this Airbnb cabin in new jersey. You basically get 18 acres of hiking trails to enjoy on your own, and the terrain has waterfalls and streams. There’s also a hammock for lounging and a fire pit for roasting marshmallows. What in addition could you want?


This Pet-Friendly Forest Retreat in Mississippi

Your pup may love jumping through piles of leaves as much as you do, so take him with you on your fall foliage vacation. This Airbnb forest cabin in Gloster, Mississippi pet friendly and perfect for fall hikes. It is surrounded by the Homochitto National Forest and near streams for a truly tranquil stay. After a long day of hiking to find the perfect spots for fall foliage, take a dip in the outdoor tub. Don’t forget to pack scented bath bombs in the fall.


This country house in Mississippi

With five stars, you know it cottage in Oxford, Mississippi is popular with other Airbnb travelers. You’ll love it for your fall foliage trip, too. Plus, Oxford is another of Airbnb’s top travel destinations this season, so that’s trending too. It’s the perfect blend of southern charm and countryside for a super scenic and relaxing getaway for you and your fall-loving best friends.


This canopy house in Vermont

Stowe, Vermont is a wonderful town for skiing in the winter, but also offers great views of the fall foliage in the fall. Take advantage of this travel destination by booking an Airbnb Plus home. Airbnb Plus guarantees you stay in a high-quality home, and this house in A is at the top. You might love the cozy cottagecore decor inside so much that you might not want to leave, but remember that the fall foliage is the reason for your stay. Be sure to step outside – at least to the outer deck – to spot colorful leaves on any nearby trees.


This River Airbnb cabin in Arkansas

Keep right on the Ouachita River at this cabin in Sims Township, Arkansas. You will have a breathtaking view of the water from your back patio. A recent visitor even mentioned that there is “wildlife everywhere” that you can spot while looking at the leaves.


This apartment in College Town, Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan is also on Airbnb’s list of top trending destinations for fall. College towns definitely have a fall vibe, but you can also take in the fall foliage while staying at this hotel. Two Bedroom Airbnb in the Woods. It’s actually an apartment that’s part of the host’s house, but you’ll have a separate entrance just for you. Although it is not a completely private sanctuary, you will have plenty of nature to admire with all the trees surrounding the property. You’ll also be about two minutes from Michigan’s Sister Lakes.


This private estate in Kentucky

Another college town – Lexington, Kentucky – also ended up on Airbnb’s list, making this private domain all the more desirable for your fall getaway. Not only will you be able to admire the beautiful fall foliage from your Airbnb, but you will have three acres to do so. That’s right, you’ll have three acres all to yourself, which includes a pond with a fountain and a back patio.


This luxury Airbnb cabin in Oregon

Invite all your friends to stay in this luxury cabin in Oregon. The massive Airbnb cabin with three bedrooms can comfortably accommodate up to eight people. Of course, if you need more space, the owner also has a Creekside cabin that sleeps up to 10 people and a lodge that sleeps 16-20 people. The cabin for eight, however, has a lot to do with free canoes and kayaks as well as a swimming dock and fire pit.


This romantic treehouse in New York

Maybe you’re looking for an upstate retreat for a romantic getaway this fall. This tree house on Airbnb is perfect for you and your partner. With a huge window overlooking the trees outside, you won’t even have to leave your Airbnb to spot color-changing leaves. In fact, you’ll never want sheet your bed.


This A-Frame cabin in New Hampshire

When you think of the fall, you can immediately imagine an A-shaped cabin in the woods. Good, this Airbnb cabin in A is exactly what you dreamed of. It’s not only surrounded by gorgeous trees that are sure to show vibrant hues in September and October, but it’s also located near some great hiking trails. Of course, you could also just wrap yourself in a blanket and sit on the deck with a good book if that’s more your style.


This luxurious Airbnb treehouse in New York

Raise your hand if staying in a treehouse is on your travel bucket list since you found out there were treehouses for rent on Airbnb. Well, now is the time to tick off that must-have list of your wanderlust. Of all the treehouses, this one in new york is by far one of the most luxurious. Not only is there a suspension bridge and waterfall next to it, but it’s professionally designed inside. It really does look like something straight out of a Hallmark magazine or movie. The added bonus is all the fall foliage you can admire each day while relaxing in a tree.

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