The Birmingham Sister Cities Commission is working to help the Ukrainian town of Vinnytsia

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WBRC) – Ukrainian sister city of Birmingham, Vinnytsia ask Magic City directly for help. They are asking for “urgent” medical supplies.

Birmingham Sister Cities executive director Corlette Stewart Burns said the commission is working to meet some of the needs requested in Vinnytsia’s email, but it is difficult because the airport is closed and many Ukrainians take up arms.

“Your partner, the city of Vinnytsia, needs help right now,” Burns read.

It was a save from Vinnytsia’s email to Sister Cities Commission. Along with requesting quotes for “urgent” medical supplies like vasopressors, haemostatic sponges and plaster dressings. The mayor’s adviser also gave an insight into what her country is facing.

“Ukraine is fighting for its freedom right now. Ukrainian armed forces are currently standing against the Russian enemy in all parts of the country. Russian war criminals are shooting civilians right now. And I am absolutely sure that it’s not just that. We fight for the basic principles of human coexistence all over the world,” Burns read.

Although this time a sister city in need, the program has benefited Birmingham in the past.

“Birmingham always sends something, but we also receive things. For example, when COVID hit, we received 20,000 masks from Japan. Our partner in Japan says “Let’s stay safe together.” “said Burns.

The organization also partners with the Ukrainian foundation to enable ordinary citizens to contribute. If you are interested, you can Click here.


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