The cities with the best tech salary increases in 2021 may surprise you

The pandemic has seen workers leave expensive places like Silicon Valley and New York and take jobs in new, more affordable cities. Which regions should you consider? Dice looked at salary trends in 2021 and revealed some of the best places for tech workers looking for high salaries.

While wages continued to rise in traditional tech hubs – Silicon Valley (up 5%), New York (1.1%) and Seattle (11.2%) – there were a few surprises in this when it comes to cities where tech workers have seen the biggest jumps in their pay.

Pittsburgh at the top of the list, with a salary increase of 14%. The city’s transformation from a steel town to a tech town has leading universities such as Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh to thank in part, as well as resources for entrepreneurs, including understood Blockera mentorship community and related programs, and seed investors like innovation works.

Atlanta saw almost as strong wage growth, at 13.9%. It has long been a technological achievement and just added an Airbnb hub near the Georgia Tech campus.

Although Chicago is a great American city, it hasn’t always been one for technology. But he had a 12.6% wage increase in the sector last year. The city’s tech opportunities shine Built in Chicagoa site that brings together technology news, opportunities and information for the industry.

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Other metro areas that saw tech worker wage growth last year included Miami (11.4%), Philadelphia (10.6%), Tampa (10.6%), Detroit (10 .3%), LA (10.2%) and Portland (9.3%). .

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