The “Godfather” mansion available on Airbnb for $50 a night

Luca Brasi sleeps with the fish, and now moviegoers who get this classic movie reference will have the chance to sleep in a very familiar residence.

The rugged Corleone home featured in the classic 1972 film ‘The Godfather’ will soon be available for vacation rental via Airbnb.

The 6,248-square-foot English Tudor mansion in New York’s Staten Island borough was used for exterior shots of the crime family’s home in Francis Ford Coppola’s Oscar-winning film.

And next month, it could be seen in the background of tenants’ selfies.

“We are welcoming up to five people to our family home for an extended stay this summer,” the property listing reads.

The ability to reserve the property begins July 27 at 1 p.m. EST.

And while the price, set at just $50 a night, might seem like an offer fans can’t refuse, there’s a catch. It is only available for a “30 night stay August 1-31”.

“During your stay, guests will have private access to the grandeur of our mansion, featuring five bedrooms and seven bathrooms that are best suited for two adults and three children,” the listing continues. “We also offer many activities and amenities on site including a large salt water swimming pool, basement pub, games room and gym. Please note that you will have limited access to the basement cupboards. floor and attic. All other places are available.”

It is important to note that anyone staying at the emblematic house will not be able to organize weddings, business meetings or any other celebration worthy of Don Vito Corleone during their stay.

Not only has Airbnb recently issued a permanent ban on parties being held back at one of his reservations, but the owners of the property also said, “We are located in a quiet area, so please no outside or additional guests at any time.”

As with any “The Godfather” fans who aren’t lucky enough to lock in this rare rental opportunity, there’s some small consolation. They can at least appreciate seeing the film again – and seeing it more clearly than ever. Earlier this year, an ultra-high definition 4K version of the film was released in honor of “The Godfather’s” 50th anniversary.

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